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Top conversations on Game Rant, Media Matters, and {BREAKING NEWS}
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Top conversations on Game Rant, Media Matters, and {BREAKING NEWS}

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Game Rant Open Discussion: August 12, 2016


Mayonaise is disgusting.


Lets all talk about Bacon


Leo is a heretic.

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Wednesday Avocado Ice Cream Social


Friendly reminder guacs, please do not flag comments just because you don't agree with them. It unnecessarily clogs up the queue and they will not be removed unless violating ...

Harvey Dent

......what is going on? Why did I not know this existed?

Other: Look On Our Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!


I feel like this is me for the past 3 days. I probably should get more sleep...or drink more.


I just stopped in to gloat over the smoldering ruins of the Avocado, but it's seems like everyone's doing fine. That's disappointing.

Really, I need to use this gif whenever possible.

Other: AVCAD thoughts

Harvey Dent

Okay since I'm barely being serious...there's a lot more drama created when people refer to any incident with a minor disagreement as drama and then constantly refer ...


Okay, folks, I'm gonna fall on my sword here.

I'm contacting Disqus to appoint a new channel owner (since I can't do it myself). Hopefully this will ...


I'd rather you not do that, though. I think in a couple of days feelings will calm down. Nothing drastic needs to happen.

Breitbart News Chief Now In Command Of Trump Campaign


So now Drumpf's campaign is being run by an executive from a fake right wing website...and being advised by the ousted former head of a fake right wing ...


It always says VICTORY when you are on your third campaign manager in less than 2 months

White Supremacists Love Trump’s New Hire


He voted "No" for the 1964 Civil Rights Act.


So did most conservatives


Strom was the 1957 act. When he was a Democrat.


he voted against the 1964 bill

As a Republican

Current Events: Wednesday Politics Discussion

Harvey Dent

Hey everyone, remember that Sarah Palin abomination of a documentary?

The director? Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon!

Harvey Dent

Jill Stein is trailing Deez Nuts and is tied with Harambe in Texas

Merkel says refugees didn't bring Islamist terrorism to Germany


Explain each of the major terrorist attacks in Germany AFTER a million refugees entered the country last year.


"Each"... of the two?


What she said seems pretty obvious to me....... or did y'all forget about islamic terrorism that happened before the refugees came...??

TV: Most Anticlimactic TV Show Death


After the fact, I found out that the character's death was at the actresses behest, but Anya dying in such a lame way on the series finale of Buffy ...

Harvey Dent

Subthread: Most anticlimactic non-death

Mine is basically everyone in the season 1 finale of Heroes. The show basically went to shit because NO ONE died besides one side character that ...

CNN's Corey Lewandowski Defends Trump's Campaign Shake-up

Navy Veteran

So glad Cuomo landed a job at the Clinton News Network. Otherwise he'd be handing out towels at the local Y.


Like your dad?


Serial arsonist behind California wildfires caught as alarmists blame global warming – The serial arsonist who started most of the California wildfires has finally been arrested – yet alarmists still blame ...


July was ‘absolutely’ Earth’s hottest month ever recorded

Target shares tumble as sales drop, outlook cut


Walmart sales seem to be up while all other large retailers are mostly down it appears


Sure, because walmart shoppers can't afford a computer with WiFi ;)

fun governor

every Christmas season (it seems) there is a big security breach and people who used there cards there got there #'s and info stolen to used for fraudulent purchases


Oof. I still make most payments with cash. One extra step with atm visits... much safer all around.

Fox Host: Trump Campaign Chief Executive Has Trashed Fox News And Our Hosts




The Trump campaign reminds me of that teenage guy who wants the girl so bad but she pays no attention to him.

So his next move it to send her ...

Beaten 4-year-old girl thought her name was 'Idiot': Police


What really pisses me off about this story is that it's impossible for me to believe no one knew what was going on, no one saw it. It took ...


The problem is the individualistic, every man for himself, deal with things yourself and I take care of my own attitude that causes these things to get ignored... :-/


Oh my god. <\3

Feds Holding Summits for Lesbian Farmers

Muhammad Singh

I don't get the entire pride concept. You can be proud by your achievements, not by the way you were born. I am proud I received my degree being ...


Aka, I'm proud of being queer as far as, I'm happy with myself and I don't hate that I am this way. I am me and it ...


Hahaha wait. Land and property battles because of rural Pride, which exists so queer people who live in the countryside have a community and aren't so alone? That's ...

TV: Grading TV episodes and seasons

Harvey Dent

Dexter season 8 gets my gigantic F. At least season 6 had a great Mos Def before they murdered him for no reason.


Yeah having Lila kill him was lame.

Harvey Dent

It was a HUGE cop-out. They spent all season building to "would Dexter cross the line to killing an innocent man or would he risk his freedom?" and they just ...

BDYEA Chatroom

Horse Slap Yogurl

not even joking tho, brb later, i'm going to jerk it to some netorare, that shit gets me going

MrChris-3D Waffle

Too much information

MrChris-3D Waffle

People still sleeping?

CNN Anchor Has To Tell Trump's Lawyer That All The Polls Show Him Losing &nbsp;


This ship is sunk

The lifelong Republican who wrote the powerful speech delivered by the mother of one of the Benghazi victims says he won’t vote for Donald Trump ...

Goblins Groupthinks

The hunt for the lost white voter expands!


A shop owner in my town has not one but three Trump stickers on his window

Business looks pretty slow, I never see any cars parked in front

Glenn Beck: "Steve Bannon&nbsp;Is One Of The Worst People. And Now He's Become The CEO Of The Trump Campaign."


MMFA quoting Glen Beck as the voice of reason? Temperature in Hęll 32°F


No silly

They report right wing loons like you

Still don't get it huh?

Heston Churchill Jr.

Your people's authorities are showing tweets from Greyhound Bus toilets in other groupthink feedings for you people.

Looks like a groupthink feed fodder famine for you people.

Truth is ...


Authentic frontier gibberish

Iraq to hang 36 ISIS fighters for massacre of 1,700 captives who were told they were going home

Muhammad Singh

In Israel any killer and terrorist receives fair trial with a right to appeal to the Supreme Court Of Justice(BAGATS). Israel doesn't practice the death penalty or any ...


I'm not a fan of mass murderers being alive, either, but I'm even less a fan of the government killing innocent people. If we're to assume innocent ...


You know, the nah sayers, the ones that don't believe any of this stuff can happen to them. It's on here every day, you haven't seen it?


That what can't happen, though? That terrorists can't be put to death?

Former Breitbart Employees Slam Bannon’s “Nightmare” New Role In Trump Campaign &nbsp;


How did it turn out? Gun sales up 900000000% since Obama took office.


So you were all wrong


Gee whiz. The next thing ya know someone is going to accuse CNN of having a bias, like Breitbart.


Only dopes
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