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Suzanne Somers: 68, in Perfect Health, and Dancing With the Stars
2015-03-18 16:45:30

Suzanne Somers: 68, in Perfect Health, and Dancing With the Stars

Received: 2015-03-18 16:45:30

Will Suzanne Somers’ Healthy Lifestyle Help Her Succeed on Dancing With the Stars?


Dear Newsmax Reader,

TV icon, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and health advocate Suzanne Somers reports being thrilled to have the opportunity to appear on Dancing with the Stars during its 10th anniversary year.

At age 68, she gives no indication of slowing down. On the contrary, Suzanne has become what some call “the new face of alternative health.” She lectures globally on issues related to aging, hormones, and developing a healthy lifestyle. 

Suzanne recently gave a live presentation to a packed audience about A New Way to Age. As part of her life mission, she has graciously allowed Newsmax Health to share major segments of this live talk with you.

So when you watch this complimentary video featuring Suzanne Somers, you’ll see her top secrets to take control of your own aging process.

In fact, you will discover:

  • Why hormones are basically the “juice of youth” — and how to balance them for perfect health …
  • How to experience renewed energy, better sleep, and even an improved sex life …
  • How you can look and feel 10 to 20 years younger!

Suzanne also shares her past experience with breast cancer. She considers her cancer to be a gift, bearing valuable lessons. She uses these life lessons now to help others — just like you — avoid or recover from this dreadful disease, the second leading killer of Americans.

During her presentation, you’ll see how, armed with the right information, you can make better choices to prevent or reverse diseases like cancer — and slow down the aging process while you’re at it.

Click here now to see Suzanne Somers’ educational and entertaining video about A New Way to Age. And let’s wish Suzanne the best of luck on DWTS!

Take Care,

Amanda Leth
Newsmax Health Publisher

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