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Looking for attention?
2015-07-21 15:32:59

Looking for attention?

Received: 2015-07-21 15:32:59
Stand Out From The Crowd
Featured Project Upgrade

Hi freelank,

One of the best parts about posting projects on Freelancer is the incredible amount of bids you receive within the first few minutes of a project going live. Although with thousands of new projects going live everyday, it's often great to try and attract more attention to your project - increasing the amount of bids you receive from the best freelancers.

Selecting the Featured Project Upgrade when posting a project does exactly that - highlighting your project in the listings and dramatically increasing the amount of bids you receive from freelancers. More bids means that the best bids are more competitive ensuring you get the best freelancer for your budget.
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With over 16 million users, is the best place to find the perfect freelancers for your project. Here are a few recommended projects to get you started:
Website Development
iPhone App Development
Android App Development
Article Writing
Online Store Development
Data Entry
Industrial Design
Graphic Design
Posting a project is simple and only takes a few minutes. Get started and upgrade your project today.
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