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Tred Cruz Thinks ‘Every One’ of His Colleagues Should Watch This 60-Second Video Before Iran Vote
2015-08-13 17:32:19

Tred Cruz Thinks ‘Every One’ of His Colleagues Should Watch This 60-Second Video Before Iran Vote

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Firewire from THE BLAZE August 13, 2015
Trump Responds to Rand Attack Ad With Statement — the Third, Fourth Paragraphs Are Getting Attention
Donald Trump issued a lengthy statement Wednesday evening responding to an attack ad put out by Sen. Rand Paul — and paragraphs three and four drew some attention for an entirely different reason. The statement began with Trump touting his success in the business world and explaining how... READ MORE.
Dr. Ben Carson Has a Message for Critics Who Dismiss Him As an ‘Uncle Tom’ or ‘Traitor to His Race’
Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson responded Wednesday in New York City to critics who dismiss him as an "Uncle Tom" or "traitor to his race." "I'd say they need to actually listen not only to what I'm saying, but look at my life and look at what's... READ MORE.

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski only needed a nine minutes to get confrontational with Huffington Post's chief White House correspondent Sam Stein on Thursday's edition of "Morning Joe." While discussing Donald Trump's ongoing dominance in mainstream polls on the 2016 GOP candidates, Brzezinski told Stein that Huffington Post's decision to... READ MORE.

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The 46 Items Inside Obama's
"Bug Out Bag"

President Obama is terrified of another major crisis. In fact, his Treasury Department recently requested more than 3,000 survival kits for the nation's top bankers. Each kit has 46 items... and they're revealed on camera -- possibly for the first time ever. If you have money in U.S. banks, you should get three of those items today (they're FREE). Watch this video to see how.

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson delivered a message Wednesday aimed at those protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, in addition to the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole. Speaking to TheBlaze after an event in New York City, Carson said of course black lives matter — which is... READ MORE.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said on Twitter Wednesday night that he thinks "every one" of his Senate colleagues should watch a 60-second video-testimony delivered by a retired staff sergeant who was wounded by an Iranian bomb while serving in Iraq. The video, produced by Veterans Against the... READ MORE.

A new post-debate CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday shows Trump nab the top spot in Iowa, followed in second place by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. The poll, which surveyed likely Republican Iowa caucus goers, had Trump firmly in the number one slot with 22 percent of the vote. Carson... READ MORE.
‘Black Lives Matter’ Chanting Drowns Out Jeb Bush Town Hall, Drives Him to Make an Early Exit
Black Lives Matter protesters punctuated the conclusion of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush's town hall meeting in Las Vegas Wednesday, chanting the familiar slogan as the former Florida governor exited the room earlier than usual. The tone apparently began turning when Bush was asked questions relating... READ MORE.
Yes, I Do Want My Daughter To Conform To Her Gender
You've likely heard by now that Target will be ending the segregated, Apartheid-like conditions in their stores, getting rid of gender labels on toys, games, and most other products. They'll also ban the colors pink and blue, and tear down the barbed wire fence that separated the two areas, which apparently made it... READ MORE.

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  • Dana -- Glenn sits down with Dana tonight to talk about his new book in the "Control" series, It IS About Islam, plus share event details of "Restoring Unity." Then, Dana gets insights into Planned Parenthood from whistleblower Holly O'Donnell.  --  6pm ET or on-demand on TheBlaze TV.
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It’s all over for Hillary Clinton. It's done. Finished. Finito. They are drawing chalk marks on the outline of her political career. How bad is it? Hillary is now more likely to wind up in “The Big House” than the White House. How bad is it? The... READ MORE.

Apollo 14 Astronaut Claims Extraterrestrials Tried to 'Keep Us From Going to War' After Witnessing the First U.S. Nuclear Detonation
NASA Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell has been open about his views regarding extraterrestrial life and most recently he's claiming that UFOs interfered with military missiles and attempted to "keep us from going to war." Learn Mitchell's evidence... READ MORE.
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