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What Iraq Did to This Soldier… (Shocking)
2015-06-09 21:40:51

What Iraq Did to This Soldier… (Shocking)

Received: 2015-06-09 21:40:51

Dear Reader,

Jeff Rose served in the U.S. Army in Iraq.

While on duty, he faced enemy fire, encountered IEDs (improvised explosive devices), and patrolled the dangerous streets of Baghdad.

But during his downtime, Jeff did something unusual for a soldier — he studied personal finance and retirement.

And here’s where it gets strange . . .

He discovered some financial strategies that could get you out of debt, build a million-dollar retirement, and grow your wealth . . . with a 14-week program based on his Army training!

Some of those strategies include . . .

- A free website that could eliminate $100,000 in debt . . .
- How to go on a nice vacation every summer with a weird “car payment trick” . . .
- Why doing a “SPIT Report” can get you debt-free faster than anything else . . .

He shares this 14-week program in his latest book, “Soldier of Finance.”

And we loved the book so much here at Newsmax, we’ve decided to give it away FREE to the first 10,000 people who ask for a copy here . . .

Click here to claim your free copy of this book with special offer!      

Christian Hill
Financial Publisher
Newsmax Finance

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