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Sponsored: Millionaire Holes Up in Mountain Ranch (disturbing)
2015-06-09 12:00:21

Sponsored: Millionaire Holes Up in Mountain Ranch (disturbing)

Received: 2015-06-09 12:00:21
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Firewire from THE BLAZE June 09, 2015
  This is a sponsored message from our friend, the President of the world’s largeset underground news and research network, Bill Bonner.  
Dear Reader,

Amber Mason here… And I’m writing to tell you that I’m getting concerned about my boss, Bill Bonner…

He’s been emailing me from an isolated ranch in South America at 9,240 ft… using a computer that runs on solar power…

And while he claims he’s just enjoying the quiet… I’m beginning to suspect that there’s something else going on…

Because I’ve just seen a disturbing new research file he’s going public with today…

It reveals a strange event our government has already spent $4.5 trillion trying to prevent… 

One that will make US dollars the rarest currency on earth…

I’ve put it online so you can see it immediately. Click here.

Amber Mason

P.S. That must sound crazy… but here’s the thing about my boss:

He’s the head of the largest underground research and news network in the world.

One that’s predicted – with startling accuracy – nearly every single major world shift of the past 30 years and been approached by the CIA and the FBI for help…

Not only will you discover exactly what is about to happen… you’ll also get some real, actionable advice on what you can do to stay safe in such an event…

Just follow this link to Bill’s presentation…
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