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Rush: Fox Tried to Torpedo Trump; Trump Slams RedState
2015-08-08 19:36:11

Rush: Fox Tried to Torpedo Trump; Trump Slams RedState

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Rush: Fox News Tried to Torpedo Trump, But Failed

Special: Outraged Seniors Demand the Coast Guard Release New ‘Fountain of Youth’ Drink

Trump: RedState's Erickson Is 'Weak, Pathetic'

Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Told to Destroy Emails



Outraged Seniors DEMAND The
Coast Guard Release New
"Fountain Of Youth" Drink

San Diego, CA -­ In most units of the military, the younger guys usually dominate the older guys in physical fitness tests.

But for one U.S. Coast Guard unit in San Diego, the exact opposite is happening.

Older Coast Guardsman that once struggled to keep up with the younger guys in their unit, are now making mincemeat out of the "young bucks" in head­-to­-head physical fitness tests.

How is this possible?

The "old guys" in this Coast Guard unit have been part of a special test group for a new, doctor­ formulated "fountain of youth" drink that can help restore your youthful energy.

This "fountain of youth" drink, called Patriot Power Greens, has been so effective for many of the older soldiers that it's made their achy joints, stiff muscles and lack of energy a thing of the past.

Tony Whelan, a 58 year old who's been using the drink said, "Within 2 weeks of taking it, the amount of joint pain, swelling and subsequent stiffness was reduced to almost zero! I'm experiencing less fatigue, with a noticeable sense of well being that I enjoyed in my 30's."

So what exactly is in this super-­drink they're consuming?

It's a delicious "green drink" loaded with 38 different fruits & vegetables, probiotics and enzymes. It was created by a world renowned medical doctor from Texas, Dr. Lane Sebring.

You may have seen Dr. Sebring's anti­-aging treatments on Fox News or read about him on NPR.

As a veteran himself, Dr. Sebring told me that he "wanted to create an easy­ to­ use product that could give our troops more energy, more stamina and better focus while they fight for our country".

Previously, this super-­drink was only available to elite military units in the United States, and could not be purchased by the general public.

However, Dr. Sebring told me that "after seeing the incredible results that the military was getting with the drink, I realized that in good conscience I could no longer keep this drink from the public."

Due to the increased demand, it's still nearly impossible for the general public to purchase Patriot Power Greens.

However, Dr. Sebring has been able to secure a limited supply of Patriot Power Greens specifically for our readers that you can claim right here.

Because this product is used by the U.S. Military, they always get "first dibs" when new inventory is available.

And if there's any left in stock, then the general public gets a chance to try and purchase those until they run out.

Dr. Sebring told me the last time they made Patriot Power Greens available to the public in May of 2015, he sold out of the entire 15,000 canister inventory in just 19 days.

This new inventory is sure to sell out, so if you're interested head over to the special website right here.

Jeff Reagan
Founder, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. - Many of the older guys in the Coast Guard and the ARMY Reserves swear by this drink to help them keep up with the "young bucks" in their unit.

What do they know that you don't?

I'll reveal their secret right here

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