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The Countdown to Meltdown Has Begun. Are You Prepared?
2015-07-07 21:42:00

The Countdown to Meltdown Has Begun. Are You Prepared?

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Greenspan warns and banks are preparing for the worst. Yes, the Countdown to Meltdown has begun. But there's hope…

"Here's How Alan Greenspan's '48-Year-Old Secret' Can Help Save You From Financial Disaster"…

Dear Investor,

Former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan recently issued a dire warning that should be heeded by all U.S. citizens owning a savings account or retirement plan…

He stated that the Fed cannot exit its era of Quantitative Easing without serious repercussions. According to insider reports, Greenspan warns there will be a "significant market event."   

And you can bet your bottom dollar he's not talking about yet another stock market record high. After all, we've had seven of them since the pre-crisis era.

Discover what Greenspan is so afraid of… and… his "48-Year-Old Secret" to hedging financial harm here!

The sad fact is… that's not the only dangerous warning Greenspan has given lately. He has three more…

  • The average American is unprepared to deal with inflation so high it could quadruple the cost of living.
  • Food, gas, and energy could soon simply become unaffordable.
  • The threat is like "a tinderbox of explosive inflation looking for a spark."

Major banking institutions around the world are taking the former 20-year Fed Chariman's warnings seriously. They are preparing for the worst case scenario.
But here's the bad news…

The Banks Are Taking Measures To Protect THEMSELVES From
Utter Collapse… And Are NOT WORRIED About Your
Precious Savings In Them!

Skeptical? It's happened already…

Remember the recent crisis in the former financial "safe haven"… the country of Cyprus?

When banks in Cyprus collapsed, a "bank holiday" was immediately declared.  The doors were locked and access to any money within the banks was cut off.

While the banks were closed, it was determined that creditors of the bank--and NOT the taxpayers--would fund its bailout. Think of it as a "bail-in" and not a bailout.
"Creditors" included shareholders, bond investors and--get this--

The Bank's Own Depositors!

The news media covering the story claimed that "this could only happen in Cyprus."

Wrong! Discover this vile threat to your financial future, along with Alan Greenspan's "48-Year-Old Secret" solution on this web page!

Little did they know that all the banks in the world were preparing for the next crisis by laying the foundation upon which they could implement their own "bail-in" strategy.

All the while, geopolitical unrest is growing daily. The labor participation rate is shrinking. Housing data is growing weaker and weaker. Economies of the world are deflating around us.  Does this remind you of Greece?

Yes, Alan… you are totally correct. The global financial situation is getting more and more critical each and every day. Will the house of cards soon collapse?

Fortunately, Alan Greenspan revealed the secret to help protect against these impending threats...

48 Years Ago!

And we'd like to reveal the current crisis in its entirety… along with Alan Greenspan's 48-year-old secret on how to survive and prosper amidst the chaos… in an exclusive complimentary report entitled "Zero-Proof Your Savings and Retirement Before It's Too Late!"

Get your FREE report and discover Alan Greenspan's "48-Year-Old Secret" here!
Listen, the last crisis struck without warning. The next one will not. Consider yourself warned by a man who was once the most powerful banker in the world.

Download your FREE report right now… you will get clear instructions on how to start hedging your life savings, retirement accounts, and any other investments you might have against the ravages of inflation—or worse.

Dave Engstrom

P.S. The "Countdown to Meltdown" has already started. Are you prepared?
Download your FREE "Zero-Proof Your Savings and Retirement Before It's Too Late!" report to see what you need to do… right now!

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