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Magnet ACQUIRE Beta Now Open!
2015-08-11 15:42:52

Magnet ACQUIRE Beta Now Open!

Received: 2015-08-11 15:42:52
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Ahmed Hawary
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Magnet Forensics
Hi Ahmed,

Starting today, the Magnet ACQUIRE beta program will be open to non-IEF users! Anyone in the forensic community can now request access to our new smartphone acquisition software.

Magnet ACQUIRE Community Beta Now Open
Magnet ACQUIRE offers a new approach to the acquisition of iOS and Android devices, an approach designed to deal with the new realities and constraints brought about by enhanced security features and encryption. If you’re investigating smartphones, sign-up for the Magnet ACQUIRE beta program and receive a free version of Magnet ACQUIRE.
How to Use Magnet ACQUIRE
Ready to start using Magnet ACQUIRE? Here’s a useful how-to that will help you get started with our new smartphone acquisition tool.
Recorded Webinar: Mobile Chat & Social App Forensics
The mobile forensics landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, and the growing use of mobile chat and social apps means digital forensics investigators have more and more mobile data to analyze. In this 1-hour recorded webinar, learn about the latest trends in mobile app forensics and find out how to uncover important evidence hiding within these apps.
Magnet IEF helps you recover 485+ types of artifacts found on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Register for a free 30-day trial to find out how IEF can help you uncover more evidence in your investigations.
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