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White NAACP Leader Quits; Romney: Hillary Just Wants a Latte; Supreme Court Rejects NC Abortion Law
2015-06-15 19:12:46

White NAACP Leader Quits; Romney: Hillary Just Wants a Latte; Supreme Court Rejects NC Abortion Law

Received: 2015-06-15 19:12:46
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Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina Abortion Restrictions

Special: US Senator Shocks: Go to an ATM Tonight. Take Out Everything You Can.

Rachel Dolezal Quits as Head of Spokane NAACP: 'This Is Not About Me'

Romney: Hillary's Too Wealthy to Sell 'Populist Message'

Jeb Bush Launches 2016 Bid, Plus Gen. Michael Hayden, Heritage Economist Stephen Moore, on Newsmax TV on DIRECTV 349, DISH 223, or Verizon FiOS 115 Go Here Now


On a Friday night, a senator on the US intelligence committee called his wife to tell her that he wasn’t coming home that weekend… he had urgent business in D.C.
He also gave her one very important instruction: “Tonight, I want you to go the ATM machine, and I want you to draw out everything it will let you take.”
This was no fluke…
Out in California, the CEO of PIMCO, the largest mutual fund in the world, was telling his wife the exact same thing
And it gets even weirder…
Because today a millionaire with Washington ties has just released shocking evidence that a fatal flaw in the US economy – created in the 1970s – is about to make every ATM screen near you go dark… and make cash dollars nearly impossible to find…
Please click here immediately to see how…

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