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Randomnoone (randomnoone) offered you a trade!
2015-07-29 06:29:44

Randomnoone (randomnoone) offered you a trade!

Received: 2015-07-29 06:29:44
You Got a Trade Offer!

Roll up your sleeves and put on your thinking cap. Randomnoone (@randomnoone) offered you a trade!

This trade offer will expire in 48 hours, so log in now to respond. Remember that trades you allow to expire without a response will hurt your trader grade!

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Give packs, get packs!

Invite a friend and you both get special reward series packs (not available any other way) and a boatload of general purpose free packs! Use this link:

See our reward center for details. Your friend must click through this unique referral link and complete signup.

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