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Few Americans Know About This Crazy New Law
2015-05-10 22:23:08

Few Americans Know About This Crazy New Law

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Dear Reader,

Part 1 of a bold new financial law went into effect last year.

The rest will roll out, piece by piece, through the end of 2018.

Few Americans have any clue about this—but hidden within H.R. Bill #2847 is a little-known provision known as “FATCA” (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

Like many problematic pieces of legislation, this one sounds innocent enough.

But it has major repercussions—which could expedite a worldwide flight from the U.S. dollar and ultimately result in billions in potential losses for U.S. citizens.

To learn about the possible causes and effects of this law, a Baltimore-based research team has put together a full, written analysis of not only what they believe will happen next, but what you can do about it.

Click here for complimentary access.


Jared Kelly
Independent Financial Researcher 

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