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Offer Attached: Certified Security Sentinel C)SS
2015-06-30 16:45:14

Offer Attached: Certified Security Sentinel C)SS

Received: 2015-06-30 16:45:14
Hi, when you get a minute, please check out this 16 CPE credit course that has been designed for those who don't know anything about security, but need to, and would like to be recognized for their efforts! 


==> Enroll Here: Certified Security Sentinel C)SS


This self study course costs $700 (and I've added the exam voucher that costs $200). So $900 all in.


The Offer: if you like what you see, then please send me a reply and I'll send you a discount coupon worth $100. I can't discount the exam voucher unfortunately.


After completing the course you will know: 


1: Basic Computer Security, including how to identify common risks and fight identity theft 


2: User Awareness, including password usage, and how to use encryption tools 


3: Implementing Countermeasures, including an overview of Internet protection solutions such as free anti-virus, anti-malware anti-spyware tools and patch management 


4: Essential Security Awareness, including employer’s liability and steps to an effective security program 


5: Using the Internet at Work, including Internet Acceptable Use Policy, ActiveX & Java and web proxies 


6: Accessing the Network Locally, including what a LAN is, network drives, virus scanners etc. 


7: Accessing the Network Remotely, including wireless usage, web access for email and VPNs. 


8: Social Engineering, including definitions, and the skills used by social engineers to facilitate data extraction (inc. technical and non-technical methods). 


9: Understanding and Interacting with Your Target, including the attacker mindset and verbal Judo! 


10: Researching Our Target, including Google hacks, vendor agreements and eavesdropping. 


11: Methods of Deception, including impersonation techniques and how to use NMAP. 


==> Enroll Here: Certified Security Sentinel C)SS


* This is a limited time offer, so please email me back ASAP.


Talk soon.



T: @conciseonline


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