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Amazing 4th of July Blowout Sale
2015-07-04 18:17:40

Amazing 4th of July Blowout Sale

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Michael Reagan


Dear Reader:

Please find a special message from our sponsor, Sponsorships like this allow us to continue our work to educate the American people on the important issues affecting our country. We appreciate your support.

Reagan Reports for America

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U.S. Navy SEALs Cap

Counterterrorism. Direct action warfare. Special reconnaissance. Foreign internal defense. All in a day's work for the U.S. Navy SEALs.

They are the best of the best, and now you can stand tall and support their incredible efforts, dedication, and sacrifice with your own Navy SEALs Cap.

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USS Ronald Reagan Cap

Nothing testifies more to Reagan's legacy, and his belief that only a strong America will be a free America, than the USS Ronald Reagan.

Now you can celebrate one of America's greatest presidents, and remind Americans of his legacy, by getting the USS Ronald Reagan Cap.

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Proud American Cap

Show your true colors as you proudly display the Stars and Stripes on this great baseball-style cap.

Our custom-designed cap comes with beautiful raised embroidery of the American flag with the words "Proud American" in white under the flag. Celebrate the United States of America — wear the cap!

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The Central Intelligence Agency — the CIA — is known as one of the world's most secretive and effective government agencies.

You can stand with the men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency — an important force in the war against terror — by proudly wearing the CIA Cap.

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U.S. Border Patrol Cap

Enforcing our border control laws are the brave men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol.

Now is your chance to show your support for the U.S. Border Patrol agents and officers.

You can stand on the front lines of America's battle with illegal immigration by wearing the U.S. Border Patrol Cap.

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Desert Camouflage Hat is proud to offer the U.S. military's Desert Camouflage Hat — the same kind of hat worn during Operation Iraqi Freedom by our combat troops and embedded journalists.

These hats were designed for military specifications, to provide excellent sun protection and comfort under extreme heat and sun conditions.

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