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Learn the secret to Glenn Beck's constant energy
2015-03-15 15:00:41

Learn the secret to Glenn Beck's constant energy

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Learn the Secret to Glenn Beck's Constant Energy

"This guy never stops."

—Brad Staggs, TheBlaze live commercial host
Many people wonder where Glenn Beck gets all of his energy―ourselves at TheBlaze included. Brad Staggs decided to take matters into his own hands to see what he could find.

While Glenn was in the studio for his show, Brad snuck into Glenn's dressing room, where he discovered a PF Pillow, prominently positioned on the couch. That must be the answer.

"He's like the Energizer Bunny because of his PF Pillow!" Brad said.

As Brad went on to point out, "it's all about the bolster"―a supportive bar placed in each PF Pillow providing great neck support without sacrificing comfort. This is what has helped thousands of people get the best night of sleep possible.

Handmade in America by Paulette Fellows, a small business entrepreneur, and her husband, each PF Pillow is a testament to the value of perserverance, ingenuity and genuine hard work.


Glenn isn't the only one thanking Paulette for her amazing pillows. Read what other customers are saying here:

"Glenn is right, best pillow ever!" ― Angie
"Very well made with neck-roll for support" ― JBowman
"My back and neck problems disappeared" ― Good Sleep

To learn more, visit PF Pillows at The Marketplace.

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