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Michael Reagan: Trump Gets His Own Piñata Coverage
2015-08-11 20:53:23

Michael Reagan: Trump Gets His Own Piñata Coverage

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Michael Reagan


Trump Gets His Own Piñata Coverage

By Michael Reagan

A Mexican entrepreneur has responded to presidential candidate Donald Trump’s views on illegal immigrants, our porous border, and the Obama administration’s failure to enforce immigration law.

Alicia Lopez Fernandez De Lara combined traditional Mexican folk culture, with a dash of entrepreneurial inspiration and a large helping of political commentary to produce the Donald Trump piñata.

According to Fox News: “It comes with Trump's signature hairstyle and business suit.” Traditionally, in Mexico, piñatas represent evil. They are most commonly found at children’s parties where the hollow papier-mâché figure is filled with candy and suspended from a tree limb.

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A child is then blindfolded, handed a stick and pointed in the direction of the piñata where he then tries to smash it and “release the good.” (Mexico has fewer personal injury lawyers than the U.S., hence the blindfold and the bat.)

For the Trump piñata to be completely accurate, it would have to be filled with hot air, but the resulting buoyancy would make it hard to hit and the lack of candy inside would be a great disappointment and might turn the little ones off of politics forever.

There was no mention of sales figures for the Trump piñata from Ms. De Lara, but rumor is the RNC has placed a bulk order.

There has been no comment from Trump himself regarding his image being taken in vain. This is strange for someone who places a very high value on the name Trump and in fact deems it his brand, worth a considerable sum of money.

We know The Donald has plenty of lawyers — just ask Univision — so I wonder if the dealmaker is getting a percentage of sales?

The mainstream media has been strangely silent, too. No I didn’t expect them to give the Trump piñata that same treatment it would give an Obama piñata: “A racist incitement to violence that typifies the hateful tea party mentality and their NRA and Republican financiers and enablers!”

But there has been almost no coverage of this amusing and topical marketing ploy. Could it be the mainstream media thinks that giving the piñata the same kind of coverage it gives fraudulent hate crimes on campus would actually work in Trump’s favor?

Probably, because so far during this Republican primary campaign everything else has only served to boost The Donald’s poll numbers.

Meanwhile me too piñatas have been spotted in Las Vegas and Dallas.

But here’s my prediction: There may be a number of piñata Trumps in the coming months, but there will never be a Trump puppet, because no one would believe you can pull that particular man’s strings.

Michael Reagan is the son of former President Ronald Reagan and chairman of the League of American Voters. His blog appears on

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