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If You Were Born Before October 1955 Please Read...
2015-08-17 14:33:23

If You Were Born Before October 1955 Please Read...

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Attention US Citizens:

If you were born before October 1955, you're at Severe and Immediate Risk.

There is a deadly crisis that is sweeping America, killing seniors at a relentless pace.

Don't think for a minute that these folks were the "unlucky exceptions"...

There are absolutely no symptoms.

No warning signs.

No chance to say goodbye.

This is an urgent warning and is not being reported by most mainstream media. Now, to learn how to protect your family, please click here for this informational presentation.

Again, this threat is known to our own US Government and many research organizations... and will kill more than 100,000 Americans in 2015. The full details are right here.

Please, do not delay. Get the complete details on the warning here.

--Kelly O'Donnell, HSI

P.S. According to American Medical Association records, this killer takes an American life EVERY 5 MINUTES! That means 12 lives every hour. 290 lives every day. 106,000 people suddenly gone... Please protect yourself by going here.

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