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Rush: I Identify as Skinny; Jeb Makes Hillary’s 2008 Mistake; Obama OKs Hiring Illegals
2015-06-17 11:59:20

Rush: I Identify as Skinny; Jeb Makes Hillary’s 2008 Mistake; Obama OKs Hiring Illegals

Received: 2015-06-17 11:59:20
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Limbaugh on Race-Changing NAACP Chief: 'I Identify as Skinny'

Special: Doctors Stunned by 'Living Miracle.' No Cancer, Heart Disease, or Arthritis

Report: New Obama Policy Lets Employers Hire Illegals Scot-Free

Ruddy: Jeb Is Making Hillary's 2008 Mistake


Dear Reader,

The red sea urchin... the jellyfish... even the tortoise...

They all have something every human being wishes they had...
It's an enzyme called telomerase. And it enables them to almost never get cancer or heart disease... or suffer from aching joints or faltering vision.

Unless they get injured, they're not plagued by digestion problems, kidney failure, enlarged prostates, or an inflamed pancreas....

Some people are calling telomerase a "Living Miracle," something blessed by a divine being.

It was discovered by two Nobel Prize winners. And research on this enzyme is currently being done by doctors and scientists at Harvard and Stanford.

Yet, the end result is even more astounding.

"Turning on" this enzyme in human beings could not only allow us to feel better... but to build greater depth and appreciation for our family, our friends, our work... to love more deeply... and to imbue our everyday life with meaning we've never felt before.

And the therapy doctors have just used to "turn it on" is almost as astounding as the enzyme itself.

"The implications are breathtaking... almost mystical..." says the MIT Technology Review.

Anyone who wants to, could soon have the ability to "turn on" this Living Miracle. Just go here to see how.


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

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