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Even better Than gold in the Coming Collapse?
2015-08-11 14:18:56

Even better Than gold in the Coming Collapse?

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Is Gold The Only Survival Hedge Against The Coming Collapse?

Is this new invention actually better than gold and silver in a meltdown? Some say yes. Some say no. Regardless, this is one story every gold investor should read...

It’s common knowledge that gold and silver have both played important, even life-saving roles as survival hedges in the past.

This means we should never forget that precious metals have been a reliable store of value in economic, as well as political, upheavals.

It’s true, in times of uncertainty and chaos, when civilization breaks down... merchants and businessmen have always taken gold and silver in exchange for vital goods and services.

But once you own some gold and silver for trade and barter, what’s next? What’s the single most important “hedge” against hard times?

More and more, smart investors are realizing that being able generate their own supply of electrical power could be just as important as gold and silver in a real meltdown.

Good News: Powerful New Tools Now Available!

In this short letter, I want to tell you how you can create an “energy hedge”, become more self-reliant and even get off-the-grid by...

Generating Your Own Supply
Of Free Electrical Power!

So, if you want another reliable gold like “hedge” against hard times, this is going to be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s the exciting story:

Solar powered generators are now available and they’re affordable. In fact, I'm going to show you how to get one for very little money in the next few paragraphs. But more importantly, here’s why you want a solar generator as a “hedge”:

Solar Generators provide "life-saving" electrical power when you need it most.

And, unlike gas generators, solar generators:
* run silently,
* emit no fumes,
* and produce an endless supply of electricity for free.

“It's like having an electric power plant running quietly and secretly in your own home.”

These new hi-tech generators...

Run sump pumps, short-wave radios, computers, and even keep food from spoiling. (Lots and lots of applications for self-reliance and living off-the-grid.)

Whether it's hurricanes, ice storms, brownouts or blackouts, when you own a Solar Generator you'll never have to suffer through painful power outages again.

But here’s the number one reason every household in America should have a solar generator: President Obama.

Behind the scenes, his main target is the grid! Think I’m kidding? Read on!

New "Power Problems" President Obama Is Creating

Our President is working feverishly to destroy the power grid as we know it. For one, he's literally trying to shut the coal industry down which will send electricity prices skyrocketing.

The coal industry generates a HUGE chunk of our electricity and his insane new initiatives are already forcing rates higher than any time in history.

Even Worse: He's also ignoring the dangers of an EMP event and is doing nothing to protect the power grid from attack!

That's why I want as many Americans as possible to be able to produce their own electricity. You see, on top of it all... our President's "socialist policies" will eventually cause massive shortages of electricity and they will be extremely painful.

It’s just like Obamacare, only it's with electricity. Which means... it’s not if there is going to be Obama Blackouts... it's really just a question of when the "Obama Blackouts" will begin.

Your Chance To Prepare For The Obama Blackouts!

That's why I love to encourage like-minded Americans to get off-the-grid and start producing their own supply of electrical power.

That's my sole motivation for this email and that’s also my motivation for a very special price on one of my company’s new solar generators as well.

Truthfully, I hate the thought of Americans being dependent on anyone, especially when it comes to energy. And let’s face it, being independent in this age also means being energy independent.

The fact is, producing your own free electricity from the sun with a solar generator is a great way to get your energy independence.

And every so often I agree to sacrifice any profit on my end and actually sell a few solar generators below our manufactured costs.
Here’s what this means to you...

For 48 hours only -- we will sell 7 brand new, "never-been-out-of-the-box" solar generators for just $995.00 plus shipping and handling.

Seriously, I can tell you "straight-up" that we lose money on each sale at this price. (The retail price is $3295.00)

Why only 7 units? Well to put it bluntly, even though I'm excited about getting the word out about solar generators, losing money long term is something I'm just plain uncomfortable with.

And my accountants, well, they never wanted me to do anything this "crazy" in the first place.

They say sales like this are just too costly and grossly unprofitable.

But forget the bean counters for the next 48 hours...

I'm determined to make today's "The Obama Blackouts Sale" pricing available for two full days.

How To Get One Before They Are Gone!

O.K. Here's how to get a solar generator before my banker and the accountants shut down my crazy offer.

Click here to go to: and at checkout use the coupon code: MX119

If you do this, you'll by-pass the accountants and "unlock the system" so it gives you a $3295.00 PowerSource 1800 for just $995.00 plus shipping and handling. (roughly just an ounce of gold these days)

And, even though I trust you, there's a few folks I just can't sell to. You will not be allowed to order IF...

- You plan on reselling the unit. (No dealers may order at this price.)
- You want to order several units. (One per household only - no exceptions.)
- You want to use any other promotion or coupon with this offer. (That's just greedy.)

If that's you... please, don't bother ordering. I simply can't send a solar generator to you at this price.

The rest is up to you. The sale ends in 48 hours with absolutely no exceptions.

Start producing your own supply of electricity today by going to:

Make sure you use the special coupon code: MX119

For Energy Independence,

Bill Heid
President, Solutions From Science

P.S. With everything going on in the world, there's a tremendous demand for our solar generators. The truth is, we're having a hard time keeping them in stock.

So if all of this interests you, you should claim a solar generator as fast as humanly possible. These are truly dangerous times we live in and the old axiom, "he who hesitates is lost," surely applies now more than ever in the history of our country.

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