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Options When You Face Power Outages of any Kind
2015-04-07 18:05:55

Options When You Face Power Outages of any Kind

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Dear Newsmax Reader:

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Dear Newsmax Reader,

This is really cool... and a serious breakthrough, too.

We've got something new that will allow you to survive almost any blackout... no matter how bad things get.

Because previously... NO technology was available that could do what this new device can do.

Listen, you need to get one of these things if you want a small, handheld device that can generate an enormous amount of electrical power in a moment's notice.

And that's precisely why this new "almost nuclear" technology could save your life if things ever get bad and you need "instant" power and a lot of it. Here's the thing:

It can fit in your pocket, yet release a massive amount of power... so much so that it can actually jumpstart a bus. Watch this video demonstration. It's freaky...

Best Part: This is true breakthrough "survival technology". Even better... you can get one for half price as a Newsmax reader!

(For 48 hours only, then the sale is over.)

There's even a very cool free bonus waiting for you if you simply use coupon code MX106 at checkout (for "Newsmax " people only). So get over there now, while it's on sale and still available. We have 47 left right now. Don't wait.

See you there.

For Survival...

Bill Heid
President, Solutions From Science

P.S. One more thing. One of the top conservative talk show hosts in America just got a Pocket Power Plus and is now telling his listeners that owning one of these devices is extremely important. All of the buzz has created a frenzy here and the little devices are literally flying off the shelves at our warehouse. (Because of the amount of power it can generate and how small it is).

Go to to watch the video and hear this amazing story. But you must go quickly. Remember... "He who hesitates truly is lost." That's flat out true and more today than ever.

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