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Getting Started with IEF. Searching for Evidence.
2015-06-07 10:04:50

Getting Started with IEF. Searching for Evidence.

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Ahmed Hawary
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Hi Ahmed,

Watch the below videos in Part II of the "Getting Started with IEF" program to learn how to use the advanced features available in IEF.

quote_bg_7 IEF – Searching and Filtering
This demonstration video discusses searching and filtering options as well as additional analysis tools once you have completed your first IEF search.
quote_bg_7 IEF – Bookmarking and Reporting
This demonstration video discusses bookmarking, exporting and reporting features for search results in IEF.
quote_bg_7 IEF – Volume Shadow Copies
This step-by-step demonstration video walks you through how handle and analyze volume shadow copies with IEF.
quote_bg_7 IEF Timeline and World Map
This demonstration video discusses visualization tools, specifically IEF Timeline and World Map available within IEF Report Viewer.

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