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From the Bible: Miracle Food Cures
2015-04-12 00:45:26

From the Bible: Miracle Food Cures

Received: 2015-04-12 00:45:26

Dear Reader:

Today, we want to give you a FREE copy of an amazing book we recently discovered — Miracle Food Cures From the Bible. 

Christian author Reese Dubin says this is our “Creator’s Plan for Optimal Health.” And we agree.

There’s a good reason the Bible mentions certain foods over and over again, including several used at the Last Supper — they work miracles!

In fact, an astonishing amount of scientific research supports the healing power of Bible foods.

After reading this book, we realized just how far we’ve drifted from the wisdom of the Bible, putting too much faith in modern drugs, while forgetting the safe and natural remedies God gave to us.

And that’s why we’d like to give you a FREE copy of this great book, which details natural Bible remedies for hundreds of ailments, from arthritis to heart disease to weight loss.

This 400-page book sells for $18 to $20 at most book stores, but it’s YOURS FREE today as a gift from Newsmax (you pay only $1.99 shipping).

Click here to get your copy of Miracle Food Cures From the Bible.

To your good health,

Newsmax Health

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