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O'Reilly: Hillary at End of Rope; Rush: Obama Behind Attacks
2015-08-13 12:26:08

O'Reilly: Hillary at End of Rope; Rush: Obama Behind Attacks

Received: 2015-08-13 12:26:08
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Bill O'Reilly: One More Scandal and Hillary is Done

Special: 2016 Presidential Candidate Makes $27 Million Fortune in Stock Market - But How?

Limbaugh: Obama Behind Hillary Attacks

Christie: Jeb Should Stop Talking Iraq War


Dear Reader,

An investigation of Donald's Trump wealth has uncovered something shocking...

Of the 45 stocks he owns, 41 of them have gone up.

All told he's reported $27 million in gains.

Finding stocks that only go up isn't easy...

But it's a strategy Mr. Trump has mastered with ease.

And now, after nearly a year's worth of research, we at Money Map believe we've tapped into something huge.

It has to do with an unusual pattern that reveals exactly when a stock is going up in price. It's the same pattern that has appeared before the market's biggest winners this year, including:
  • Nobillis Health -- 433% in 6 months
  • Kelso Technologies -- 550% in 12 months
  • Globalstar -- 1,010% in 16 months
  • Concordia Healthcare -- 1,033% in 18 months
  • Med-Cannabis Pharma -- 7,400% in 10 month

In this video, I'm going to show you how to spot this unusual pattern within seconds...

(If you can't view this video, click here)

To Your Success,

Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

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