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Michael Reagan: Obama's Cuba Good Will Produces Defectors
2015-08-06 19:56:49

Michael Reagan: Obama's Cuba Good Will Produces Defectors

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Michael Reagan


Obama's Cuba Good Will Produces Defectors

By Michael Reagan

Evidently news still travels slow in the Republic of Cuba. Word hasn’t gotten out about how mellow Fidel and Raul Castro have become in their old age. Possibly the Pope’s visit didn’t get much ink, and no one covered the arrival of greetings and ambassadors from the United States after Obama lifted the blockade and pronounced Cuba “libre."

How else can you explain half of the Cuban men’s field hockey team defecting during the Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada. According to Yahoo News, either seven or eight members of the team left — they were moving so fast it was difficult to count — and as a result in the game against Trinidad and Tobago the Fidelistas were pounded 13 to nothing.

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Instead of a team with 11 players and five substitutes, the Cuban squad only had a total of eight players and their ability to move was probably hampered by the leg irons.

In spite of the Obama administration’s glowing report on the budding democracy in Havana, athletes continue to vote with their feet. Last week silver medalist Orlando Sotolongo and three other oarsmen, possibly with four oars, jumped ship so to speak, and abandoned the Cuban rowing team.

The Yahoo reporter, evidently after a swig of the mainsteam media’s favorite drink, "Obamalade," contends it’s economic reasons driving these athletes into the arms of the capitalist pigs. “It is not uncommon for Cuban athletes to defect, with baseball, boxing and volleyball — sports where Cuban stars can command big salaries internationally — particularly hard hit.”

That may be so, but I can’t remember the last sports bidding war involving male field hockey players or oarsmen. Might something other than money be motivating these young men to abandon their home and loved ones?

Something the reporter takes for granted, like freedom?

Still I’m worried about what the future holds for all 12 or 13 defectors. If they had defected to Canada — after all, the games were in Toronto — my mind would have been at ease.

Sure it’s colder than Cuba and there are a few totalitarian human rights commissions, but mostly the land and residents are free to do as the please.

Unfortunately, the athletes chose to defect to the United States currently run by Fidel’s new best friend, Barack Obama, a man who will do almost anything to keep our enemies happy.

These Cuban defectors stand the unfortunate chance of making history as the only Spanish speakers Obama is eager to return to their country of origin.

Michael Reagan is the son of former President Ronald Reagan and chairman of the League of American Voters. His blog appears on

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