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7 Year Old Girl Cripples Armed Robber With 2 Fingers
2015-06-16 14:57:24

7 Year Old Girl Cripples Armed Robber With 2 Fingers

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My granddaughter Kayleigh is a hero here in our town of Bexley, Ohio.

She was able to disarm and CRIPPLE an armed robber last month with her bare hands… Just one of her bare hands, to be exact.

She used this simple trick I had shown her just for fun…


I never would have guessed that it would be what saved the lives of our entire family.

Over the holidays, I had shown Kayleigh a simple but deadly move for self defense... invented by the Chinese

martial artists... called the “Death Touch.”  

It all started when my son brought his wife and daughters into town for their spring break vacation.

We hadn’t seen each other since Christmas.

We were having a wonderful time catching up, going on family hikes, eating delicious meals around the dining room table.

The absolute last thing we expected when we all went to bed that Thursday night was to be woken up by the screams of an armed robber!

He must have staked out our house, because he came in through the guest bedroom window.

That’s where Kayleigh and her sister Alison were sleeping.

That was the biggest mistake of his entire coward life!

Kayleigh didn’t let the handgun gripped in his fist scare her. Instead, she jumped into action right away.

Using those simple moves I showed her, she poked him in the "vulnerable spots"... and almost crippled him on the first touch!

He screamed and hollered like a little girl! I actually thought it was Alison having a nightmare!

I was shocked when I found this grown man, wearing all black and a skull cap, sobbing in a heap on the floor.

We had to call the ambulance for him! The EMT told us he didn’t think the guy would ever be able to walk again…

GOOD! It serves him right! He’ll never be able to terrorize another innocent family.

And it’s all thanks to Kayleigh and the easy, two-finger death trick that we've learned together watching this short video.


If you want to be the hero in your family’s hour of distress—you'd better watch it now.

I know some of the self defence schools across the country want this video taken down...because when you see

how these 'death touch' moves work and how simple they are, I guarantee that you'll laugh at all of these self defense "experts".

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were forced to take it down.
Watch the video now before it’s erased forever.

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