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Currency War: China AIIB Dethrones the Dollar. Is Your IRA-401(k) Ready?
2015-04-16 18:06:50

Currency War: China AIIB Dethrones the Dollar. Is Your IRA-401(k) Ready?

Received: 2015-04-16 18:06:50

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Death of the Dollar: China's New AIIB Entity Leads To The End Of Your IRA/401k
April 16th, 2015

Now that over 40 countries have now signed on to join China's newly-launched Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), worries abound about the dangerous new world financial order where foreign investors will choose to put their money in a Chinese safe haven instead of continuing to underwrite Washington's massive deficits. So who will be counted on to float the U.S. Treasury's massive debts when Japanese and Chinese investors finally dump their Treasury bonds in favor of the AIIB? Look in the mirror.

Protect Your IRA/401k from Coming U.S. Treasury Debt Crisis

For years, sober-minded investors have warned about the dangers of relying too much on China and other foreign creditors to protect America's banking system from our own reckless free-spending politicians and their enablers at the Federal Reserve. Now we're on our own as China's new AIIB entity is only the beginning of the abandonment of the dollar; Beijing also continues to carefully sell off its existing Treasury bonds- currently over $20 billion worth!

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But by using 1 simple & legal IRS Loophole you can protect your retirement dollars from the coming U.S. debt emergency where individual hard-working American's may wake up to find the U.S. Treasury has devalued their savings in the name of national security. In this scenario, massive slowdowns and runaway inflation will follow when foreigners no longer fund the U.S. Government. Those investors who head off this looming banking crisis by adding physical assets like gold & silver to their retirement accounts will be the ones who fare much better than their panicking neighbors.

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