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Obama Made 54 Changes to ObamaCare Like the $36,500 Fine
2015-07-08 11:38:17

Obama Made 54 Changes to ObamaCare Like the $36,500 Fine

Received: 2015-07-08 11:38:17

Dear Newsmax Reader,

Recently, Forbes magazine reported that there have been 54 major changes to the ObamaCare law since 2010!

Almost all of those changes have occurred by presidential executive action – and without the consent of Congress.

Many of these changes will impact your healthcare, your family and your business.

For example, the IRS just came out with a new huge penalty for small businesses.

If you own a small business and reimburse employees for the cost of premiums for individual health insurance policies or pay their health costs directly, you will be fined up to $36,500 a year per employee under the new IRS rule that takes effect July 1, 2015.

This is simply horrendous.

There are so many changes like this, it is absolutely critical you know the implications of this law – and its loopholes so you can navigate it.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide is truly the “best guide” to help you navigate the new law.

This book is already a #1 New York Times and Amazon best-seller.

It not only reveals all the rules and the hidden taxes and fees, but gives you the loopholes and strategies to make the best of this massive law.

Donald Trump says the ObamaCare Survival Guide is “terrific — a must-read for anyone who is worried about getting good healthcare for themselves or their employees."

With the recent Supreme Court decision affirming ObamaCare, most Americans remain unprepared for the new law and the impact it will have on their well-being and their wallet.

Did you know that, beginning in 2016, some of the worst aspects of ObamaCare will go into effect? These include:

  • Insurance premium hikes as high as 51% in some states
  • The “employer mandate,” a stringent new rule that will impact every business in the nation, and their employees
  • Penalties for the uninsured as high as $975 per family. This penalty will affect particularly lower-income and middle-income households.

After that, even more new rules are coming that will change your Medicare procedures and services in a big way!

More than 500,000 Americans already have gotten their copy of the ObamaCare Survival Guide.

You should too!

The ObamaCare Survival Guide is available in bookstores everywhere, but with our Special Offer you’ll save over $15 off the cover price!

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The ObamaCare Survival Guide . . .

We Read the Law So
You Don't Have To

At over 2,700 pages — with an additional 13,000 pages of regulations — the ObamaCare law is longer than the Bible, with many more rules. Rules that will, in the words of the president, "fundamentally transform" healthcare in America.

ObamaCare Survival Guide
What no one explains is if the transformation is a good one or a bad one. And that's why the ObamaCare Survival Guide is so important to you right now. It explains the impact ObamaCare has on you today.

And what you don't know, can hurt you. For example, can you answer these vital questions?

  1. Do you know how ObamaCare affects your relationship with your doctor?
  2. What will happen to your health insurance?
  3. How will Medicare be affected?
  4. And if you don't have insurance, how will you get it and for what price?
  5. Finally, how can small businesses handle the new expenses?

Having trouble with the answers? You aren't alone. But if you care about your health and your family's health, you have three choices:

  • Read and study all 15,700 pages
  • Hire your own, personal ObamaCare lobbyist
  • Buy a copy of the new, ObamaCare Survival Guide: 229 pages of vital information about the law that will govern your healthcare today and tomorrow.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide Has All
You Need to Know About ObamaCare

Naturally, we recommend buying the ObamaCare Survival Guide. Inside you'll find all you need to know about the 500 provisions in the Affordable Care Act — a law that for the first time in our nation's history puts the government in nominal charge of 15 percent of the nation's Gross Domestic Product.

Most important, you'll get practical consumer advice on how to take advantage of the benefits and protect yourself from the disadvantages of this new law.

Advice that comes without political spin either for or against ObamaCare. As Jack Webb said, you get "Just the facts, ma'am."

The following highlights only a very few of the multitude of topics contained within the ObamaCare Survival Guide.

  • Why insurance premiums are already skyrocketing and will continue to do so
  • The real reason your benefits will shrink if you are on Medicare…and the so-called “Medicaid parity” rule that will affect everyone on Medicare
  • Your income tax: new threshold for health deductions
  • Uncle Sam decides the “essential benefits” of every insurance policy
  • New health insurance exchanges and what every individual and business must know
  • New ObamaCare capital gains tax which adds a 3.8 percent surcharge on certain income groups
  • New excise tax on “Cadillac” health plans — hitting employers with a 40 percent penalty over a certain threshold
  • The good news for seniors: the “donut hole” in Medicare prescription drug coverage will finally be filled
  • Long-term care for the sick won’t be covered — steps to take to protect yourself from the coming nursing home explosion
  • Non-compliance waivers: if you run a business that can’t afford the new mandate, you may be eligible
  • Health Savings Account changes — including a 20 percent penalty on some health-related purchases
  • The powerful tax credit program for some small businesses
  • Prediction: coming doctor shortage
  • And much, much more!

If You're Over 55, the Medicare
You've Been Counting on Is Not the
Medicare You're Going to Be Getting

ObamaCare's $1 trillion-plus cost has to be paid by someone and seniors have just been presented with the bill. Over the next 10 years, Medicare will be cut $450 billion to reduce the financial impact of ObamaCare.

Your Medicare dollars will be going to a generation that will enjoy benefits you never had. But that's not the worst of it. These cuts will have a direct and obvious impact on you.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide reveals a dirty little secret: the expansion of prescription drug benefits — which the politicians have been so proud of — in no way compensates for the potentially devastating impact of the half billion dollars in cuts to Medicare.

In the chapter titled "Turning the Screws on Medicare," you'll learn just which areas of Medicare will suffer the largest cuts and what steps you can take to protect the quality of your healthcare:

  • How will your personal doctor react to these cuts?
  • If you need home healthcare in the future, will it be there for you?
  • What impact these cuts will have on the quality of healthcare you receive?
  • How the impact of these cuts may mirror the deadly effect similar cuts had on Medicaid.
  • And Obama's shocker: a new rule that puts Medicaid on parity with Medicare, hurting seniors!

Get ObamaCare Survival Guide for Only $4.95 (plus shipping) With Our Special Offer!

Are You Ready for No-Frills Medical
Facilities and Fewer Doctor Visits?

The glowing news coverage of the passage and implementation of ObamaCare often fails to mention the motivation of Obama's top healthcare adviser.

Fortunately, the ObamaCare Survival Guide goes behind the scenes to reveal Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel's medical philosophy on healthcare cost cutting, which can be summed up in one word: "overutilization."

What does this mean to you?

It means Dr. Emanuel wants seniors to give up access to specialist care, be ready to tolerate utilitarian medical facilities, and generally visit the doctor less often.

This is not what most Americans see when they think of Medicare benefits and the ObamaCare Survival Guide is there to help. You'll learn:

  • The danger signs of reduced care
  • The tests and procedures you are guaranteed by ObamaCare
  • Which preventive medicine and tests to insist upon

Do You Know How to Take Advantage of the
Medical Procedures They Forgot to Remove?

ObamaCare news is not all bad for seniors.

There are positive developments in the passage of ObamaCare and once again, the ObamaCare Survival Guide is the place to find them.

The Guide lists all the valuable tests and preventive medical procedures that are absolutely free and without a co-pay.

What's more, you'll discover new benefits — all without co-pay — that somehow made it into the new law. And you'll even be introduced to the little-known U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that will have a tremendous amount of influence on deciding which free tests and procedures will be added in the future.

Are You Certain Your Retiree Prescription
Drug Benefits Won't Disappear?

Large employers are expected to continue offering health insurance and drug coverage for employees as a means of competing with rival employers.

But what about retirees? You represent a growing cost for companies and competitors aren't trying to hire you away. Any money your former employer can save by squeezing your retiree benefits goes right to the bottom line.

And that's not a comforting thought.

And it's why the ObamaCare Survival Guide reveals what your options are and how you can survive if your retiree drug benefits are terminated.

What's a Medicare Pilot Program and
How Can You Benefit?

ObamaCare is the largest medical experiment in the nation's history, but becoming a guinea pig could be to your advantage.

Surprisingly enough, one test program has the potential to return the house call to modern medicine, while another is designed to cut down on hospital readmission rates.

Will the concept of "bundled payments" be good for your healthcare or bad? And what about "Accountable Care Organizations?"

The ObamaCare Survival Guide explains these concepts and more and this new knowledge will give you the insight to decide if you want to participate or avoid these medical pilot programs.

Are You One of the 7 Million Medicare Advantage Participants at Risk of Losing Their Coverage?

Do you think this can't happen to you? That's certainly what the 22,000 New England members of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Medicare Advantage program thought, too.

Until the day Harvard Pilgrim pulled the plug and left them without coverage.

One of the facts we weren't told is passage of ObamaCare resulted in payment cuts to Medicare Advantage managed-care plans. As a result, some insurance companies are dropping out of the program altogether while other companies are cutting benefits and raising rates.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide can help you predict if your plan will be affected. You can prepare for:

  • Reductions in the number of plans
  • Reductions in the number of patients your doctor sees
  • Cuts in your monthly benefit
  • Increases in your insurance rates

With the ObamaCare Survival Guide you won't be caught off guard.

Claim Your $4.95 Copy of ObamaCare Survival Guide With Special Offer — Click Here!

Are You Prepared for Means Testing? The Double Whammy for Retirees Who Planned Ahead.

Before ObamaCare was passed, your age qualified you for Medicare benefits regardless of income or savings. But now, that's changed and for retirees who planned for retirement by building up a nest egg, the change is not for the better.

In fact, means testing will not only apply to basic Medicare, it will also apply to prescription drug coverage, which makes it a double whammy.

Under ObamaCare, if your retirement income is above a certain level for individuals or couples, you will have to pay more and keep paying more.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide warns you about the coming effect of means testing and gives you income guidelines that you can use in planning your retirement.

At only $4.95 with our special offer the ObamaCare Survival Guide is packed with information that will pay for itself many times over.

For less than you pay for a cup of designer coffee you can have crucial healthcare information at your fingertips when you open your new copy of the ObamaCare Survival Guide.

Its 229 fact-filled pages are written in a consumer-friendly style that avoids jargon and bureaucrat-speak. The Guide has a comprehensive table of contents and an extensive index so you can quickly and easily refer back to it in the future.

What's more, it's written by Nick J. Tate, an award-winning journalist and editor formerly with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Order Today and
You’ll Also Get Two Other Great Publications!

Along with your copy of the ObamaCare Survival Guide, you will also receive two issues of Health Radar. This is our popular monthly health newsletter that concentrates on delivering the best medical advancements and wellness tips from both conventional and alternative medicine in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Health Radar Health Radar is packed with advice from guest medical experts offering you terrific ways to stay happy and healthy — and help you fight back against health issues that include: cancer, memory loss, Alzheimer's, arthritis, heart disease, depression and many others.

Health Radar is full of simple strategies to:

  • Help eliminate your health worries
  • Keep you out of the hospital and your
    doctor's office
  • Protect you from unnecessary treatments, dangerous pills and procedures and sky-high medical costs
  • And add many years of robust health and vitality to your life —
    and the lives of your loved ones

Plus: 3 Months of Newsmax Magazine

This alone is a value of $15, which more than offsets the cost of $4.95 for the ObamaCare Survival Guide with this special offer.

Newsmax magazineWhat's more, in Newsmax magazine you'll get the real truth behind major issues — from ObamaCare to unemployment, budget battles, terrorism, and beyond.

Each month, Newsmax magazine brings you special commentaries from Ben Carson, David Limbaugh, Ben Stein, George Will, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Michael Reagan, and many others.

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Here's the ObamaCare Survival Guide
No-Risk Guarantee

If you don't find the ObamaCare Survival Guide a one-stop resource for information regarding how ObamaCare will affect your healthcare, then Newsmax will refund every cent — no questions asked — within the first 90 days of your order.

We can offer this iron-clad guarantee because we are certain the $4.95 you spend on this ObamaCare Survival Guide offer is money you won't regret spending.

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The ObamaCare Survival Guide, two months of Health Radar, and three months to Newsmax magazine all for only $4.95 (plus s/h) with this special offer. It's a price and an offer you simply can't beat.

Please, don't miss this opportunity to prepare yourself and your family for the advent of the law that fundamentally changes healthcare in America.

Order your copy of the
ObamaCare Survival Guide today!

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