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Sponsored: Oil Titans Bet Big On Oil Rebound, Here's How to Profit
2015-03-18 13:01:58

Sponsored: Oil Titans Bet Big On Oil Rebound, Here's How to Profit

Received: 2015-03-18 13:01:58
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Firewire from THE BLAZE March 18, 2015
  This is a sponsored message from our friends at Mass Peak Limited.  
immediate profit report
opec leader OPEC-Secretary-General-Abdullah-al-Badri

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could quickly soar from $1 to $3.73 per share
Now is the time to jump on PetroTerra BEFORE this stock heads toward my potential long-term market value of $37.28* per share!
With all the heated back & forth between U.S. oil experts and OPEC — both now agree:

The leader of OPEC believes oil is about to resume its bullish trend—heading as high as $200 per barrel!5 Normally that type of remark would be just another layer of noise, but it's coming from OPEC's Secretary-General—so it brings with it a ton of weight!

His reasoning makes sense; "If you don't invest in oil and gas, you will see more than $200..." because underinvestment in the oil industry can lead to just one thing: An Oil Shortage.5

As fields around the globe continue to decline, oil companies will need to invest $7 to $10 Trillion to develop about 200 Billion barrels over the next decade and a half just to meet demand.5 That's why investors should be looking to increase their oil-stock holdings TODAY while oil is still in this temporarily "cheap" window.

Renowned American oil-legend, T. Boone Pickens, agrees on higher oil prices but for an entirely different reason:

He says OPEC has no choice but to cut production – and that oil will be back to $100 per barrel within the "next 12 to 18 months." 2

The bottom line is this: Oil is heading higher and $Billions upon $Billions will be made. Get ready because I'm about to show you why PetroTerra Corp. PTRA – currently around $1/share – is your immediate opportunity to profit on 243 Million barrel potential!

PetroTerra's Utah Project holds So Much Oil
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PTRA's low-cost, conventional oil-target is YOUR Early Profit-Advantage!

buy alert PetroTerra Corp. PTRA – currently trading around $1 a share – may have secured enough U.S. oil-production potential to begin stealing the industry headlines early next year.

That's because MHA Petroleum reports that PetroTerra's Sevier Prospect, Utah, could hold an estimated prospective oil-resource of 243 Million barrels1 making it a potential $9.72 Billion company at conservative $40 oil prices.

Best of all, PTRA's homegrown discovery is a conventional oil-target – meaning lower-risk, lower-cost vertical drilling into potentially huge pools of accessible oil at relatively shallow depths. While unconventional oil is cutting costs conventional oil projects continue to blaze forward.

And that means PetroTerra – as a result of Utah's highly favorable petroleum geology – can make money for investors even in today's flagging energy market.

Right now, oil is trading around $50 per barrel. PTRA could be able to attain profitable production even if crude falls below $40 per barrel – or even $30 per barrel! I'm with T. Boone Pickens in that we're now nearing a bottom in oil prices – yet it just gives us that added confidence knowing PTRA could deliver in virtually ANY oil market.

When do you want to buy oil stocks?
At $100 Oil or at $50 Oil? Buy Low Sell High.

There may soon be a choke on supply and demand will skyrocket forcing oil to $70, $80, $90, $100 or maybe even $150!

The excitement is brewing: PetroTerra may soon be one of America's newest low-cost conventional oil producers – and that's GREAT NEWS considering oil's temporary price pullback. I don't see PTRA shares staying at these levels much longer!
A Potential Homerun For Investors Who Move On PetroTerra Now!
PTRA's giant Utah oil potential won't remain a secret much longer!

Utah's favorable geology gives PTRA a lower-cost production advantage!

T. Boone Pickens says we're heading back to $100 per barrel oil soon! 2

This gives YOU the early profit-advantage on PTRA ahead of the investing herd!

In fact, the oil has already started gushing for PTRA's closest neighbor in Utah. Just up the road, Wolverine is pumping oceans of oil—around 10 Million barrels of sweet crude since 20043 and over 1.3 Million barrels in 20144. However, that company is private so only a lucky few are cashing in on those immense riches.

If you're not one of those fortunate people, you need to immediately read my full report on PetroTerra PTRA.

james rapholz Hello, I'm James Rapholz, and I want to give you my PTRA report with absolutely no strings attached. I won't even ask for your email address. It's my way of introducing you to my financial advisory
– Economic Advice – a comprehensive study of mineral, metal and rare earths mining, and investment.

I have identified PetroTerra PTRA as the next small-cap oil and gas explorer to pull potentially vast amounts of oil from Utah's proven and prolific Central Overthrust Region.

In my full report, I'll show you JUST HOW MUCH OIL is being produced from America's newest energy frontier and why PTRA near the $1 level may be one of the most profitable investment opportunities you'll ever see.

PTRA offers early-stage investors an opportunity for 1.) Near-term gains on escalating production of up to 243 Million barrels, and 2.) An even bigger secondary payday on a potential buyout by a major producer.

You see, the world's top petroleum producers have a problem. They MUST constantly build reserves to stay competitive – and a way they do this is by gobbling up smaller firms with impressive property holdings like PetroTerra.

I'll have all the details for you in my full PTRA report! Let's start 2015 with a bang!
Oil's Resurgence is the Wildcard
To Make YOU Even More $$$
On Your PTRA Shares

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t boone pickens BP Capital chairman and renowned energy maven T. Boone Pickens is predicting a powerful resurgence in oil prices back to $100 per barrel in the next 12 to 18 months. 2

And... when T. Boone Pickens talks "Oil"
the entire petroleum industry Pays Attention!

He says OPEC has no choice but to slash production in the near-term. He sees this coming in the first quarter of next year and believes it will be enough to send oil prices roaring back to the $100 per barrel level. 2

Folks, this is the macro-event that could send your PTRA shares screaming toward my projection of a long-term market value of $37.28* per share based on the first 60.6 Million barrels of potential production!

Best of all for YOU as an early PTRA shareholder, PetroTerra stands to make HUGE profits even if oil's impending rebound comes a little later down the pike.

That's why I'm urging you to read my full report on PetroTerra Corp. Then, jump on PTRA quickly while it's still trading around a buck a share!

This stock could double to $2 in a blink — so be sure to OPTIMIZE YOUR GAINS by securing your PTRA position now near $1.

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Natural Resources Investing,
james rapholz
James Rapholz
Founder, Editor
Economic Advice

one additoinal thought
If you missed my 1,610% gains on Zimbabwe Platinum or the 6,500% gains my readers could have made on Crown Resources, then please do not miss my free report on PetroTerra PTRA.

With PTRA projected to soar to $3.73 per share in the short-term with a potential long-term market value of $37.28* per share – the market is giving you another shot at a superb ground-floor buying opportunity!

P.S. If you enjoy making money on low-priced gold, silver, and energy stocks – my financial advisory, Economic Advice, is the place to be! Click here for my full PTRA report and details on becoming a subscriber.

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