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Playing God? 25 Years of Aging Reversed in Controversial Experiment
2015-06-07 21:47:06

Playing God? 25 Years of Aging Reversed in Controversial Experiment

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Has Science Gone Too Far?
Doctors Reverse 25 Years of Aging
in Controversial Experiment

Dear Reader,

Stanford microbiologists have just achieved what many considered to be impossible.

This is a developing story...

Using a Nobel Prize-winning therapy, they successfully reversed the biological age of human cells by 25 years.

That's the equivalent of taking a 60-year old man and making him 35 again.

And they accomplished this in just a few days.

The short video below investigates this controversial treatment.

(Click here if you can not view this video)

Harvard Geneticist, Dr. David Sinclair now says, "there is no limit on the human lifespan."

However, many others are asking, has science gone too far?

Click here to continue reading and decide for yourself.


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

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