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Exclusive: Donald Trump Cap – Free Offer!
2015-08-11 18:02:11

Exclusive: Donald Trump Cap – Free Offer!

Received: 2015-08-11 18:02:11
Limited Time Offer

Dear Newsmax Reader,

Donald Trump remains the leader in the race for the GOP presidential nomination in the wake of the first debate, according to the results from a new NBC survey.

Trump was the choice of 23 percent of the Republican primary voters who were asked who they would vote for if the primary were being held right now.

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Your Friends at

Dear Newsmax Reader,

The cap that Donald Trump has been wearing at campaign stops — blazing out his "Make America Great Again" slogan — has become a sensation.

In fact, sales of the Trump cap are off the charts.

Now you can get your very own “Make America Great Again” cap (a $25 value) FREE with this offer, just pay shipping & handling.

The “Make America Great Again” cap is being worn by Americans who stand with Trump in securing America’s border with Mexico – and cleaning up Washington.

Ronald Reagan first used the slogan “Make America Great Again” — which buoyed the hopes of a nation after four disastrous years of Jimmy Carter.

Now, after eight years of Obama’s failed presidency, Americans are finding renewed hope with Trump’s “Make America Great Again.”

Wear this cap with pride — show your friends at the golf course, gym, beach — anywhere outdoors you stand for a strong America. And drive your liberal friends nuts too!

This cap retails for as much as $25 — but you can get it with our FREE Offer today!

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Along with Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” cap you also get a 3-month trial subscription to Newsmax magazine (a $15 value).

Newsmax is the country’s most reliable outlet for exclusive stories that the mainstream media won’t report.

With your trial subscription, find out why more than half a million people read this magazine each month!

Tapping into this resource, especially around election time, is the best thing you can do to uncover the stripped-down agendas of the presidential hopefuls. The more you and your family understand, the better shot your grandchildren have up ahead.

Each month Newsmax reports the stories the liberal media simply won't.

Special Bonus

In addition to your Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” cap and your 3-issue trial to the award winning Newsmax magazine, you’ll also receive a 4-month trial to Health Radar.

Each month Health Radar provides the latest alternative and conventional treatments and breakthroughs to fight many major diseases and conditions, including heart disease, weight gain, cancer, dementia, diabetes, arthritis and many others.

Health Radar is one of the fastest-growing health publications in the nation — and Newsmax says "anyone concerned about preventing and stopping major ailments should read Health Radar!"

We have limited supplies of the "Make America Great Again" Cap and this offer may expire at any time. Order today and enjoy this cap for golf, beach, gym, and summer fun — while you drive your liberal friends crazy!

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