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Dr. Blaylock Brain Tip: Your Brain Needs these 4 Things Now!
2015-03-28 00:33:33

Dr. Blaylock Brain Tip: Your Brain Needs these 4 Things Now!

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‘My 4 Most-Recommended Brain Boosters’

Dear Friend,

As a medical doctor turned natural health advocate, I believe in practicing what I preach. I credit my own robust health to a balanced approach, including a good diet, daily exercise, and targeted supplements.

And as a retired neurosurgeon, I am particularly interested in brain health. While keeping up with the latest research on many nutrients, I’ve found that four all-natural bioactive nutrients stand out as must-have “brain boosters.”

One of these brain-boosting compounds, Ginkgo biloba, has been shown to inhibit the formation of the enzyme MAO-B, which emerging evidence suggests may contribute to cognitive impairment as we age. Ginkgo also may help increase circulation in the brain, as well as support cells in the brain’s hippocampus.

Bacopa monnieri, my second recommended brain booster, may improve higher-order cognitive processes such as learning and memory. In a three-month study published in Psychopharmacology, subjects taking this herbal extract demonstrated significantly improved speed of visual information processing, learning rate, and memory.

Brain booster number three, huperzine A, is a plant extract derived from Chinese club moss. Researchers believe it works by improving the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit signals from a neuron, or nerve cell, to a target cell across a synapse.

Phosphatidylserine is my recommended brain booster number four. This nutrient may help restore receptors on brain cells. These receptors permit neurotransmitters to communicate with neurons.

Because of all the documented benefits provided by these powerful brain-boosting ingredients, I recently teamed up with premium supplement company Medix Select to create an all-natural supplement containing these four nutrients and more, called Cresceo™.

And good news!

Medix Select tells me that you have the opportunity to try for yourself a 30-day supply of Cresceo™ as part of a limited-time special offer. You merely cover a small $4.95 shipping fee and enroll in a convenient and affordable Smart Ship program. And no worries, you can easily cancel at any time if you are not completely satisfied with your results.

Click here for your 30-day supply bottle of Cresceo™ or just to get the complete details on this special offer and more information about this natural support for your brain health.

To your best health — naturally,

Russell Blaylock, M.D.

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