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Watch ‘Dark Winter’ on Newsmax TV This Weekend! Al Gore Hates This
2015-04-11 04:18:12

Watch ‘Dark Winter’ on Newsmax TV This Weekend! Al Gore Hates This

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Dear Newsmax Reader:

You have heard about the former NASA consultant and climate scientist John Casey, whose new book “Dark Winter” has been sending shockwaves through the global warming community.

John Casey has argued that global warming stopped in 2007, and that the sun has entered a long-term phase known as a solar minimum.

Casey says this will lead to three decades or more of cold weather including icy winters, as well as extreme weather and significant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Newsmax TV is proud to present “Dark Winter” — a powerful documentary based on John Casey's best-selling book.

Please make sure you tune in this weekend for special airings of “Dark Winter.”

Show Times:

Friday, April 10 at 11 PM ET

Sat., April 11 at 3 PM, 9 PM ET

Sun., April 12 at 9 AM ET

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