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Re: ["* Love Is Powerful *"] how many day ¿...u will love me
2015-06-27 06:42:35
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Re: ["* Love Is Powerful *"] how many day ¿...u will love me

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Abdulrashid Martinez commented on Ying Singh Pattaya Detin's photo in "* Love Is Powerful *".
Abdulrashid Martinez
Abdulrashid Martinez 2:42pm Jun 27
Every day and nigth
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KaKahi ShirinFu Chuelo
KaKahi ShirinFu Chuelo2:41pm Jun 27
Michael Maghanoy Kiwa
Michael Maghanoy Kiwa2:33pm Jun 27
unsa na
Bakit Ikaw Pa
Bakit Ikaw Pa2:26pm Jun 27
Reynaldo Samar Velasco Ebio Jr.
Reynaldo Samar Velasco Ebio Jr.1:44pm Jun 27
hangang sa matapos ang takdang panahon...
Kaleem Asif
Kaleem Asif1:31pm Jun 27
Very nice
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Ying Singh Pattaya Detin
Ying Singh Pattaya Detin3:33pm Jun 26
how many day ¿...u will love me

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