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Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] kawawa nman
2015-06-15 13:03:09
To: Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita

Re: [Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita] kawawa nman

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Jacinth G Nierves commented on John C Pabalate Jr.'s photo in Nagseselos Ako Dahil Mahal Kita.
Jacinth G Nierves
Jacinth G Nierves 9:02pm Jun 15
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Nelmark De Guzman
Nelmark De Guzman9:00pm Jun 15
totoo ba yan
Rechelle Penestan
Rechelle Penestan9:00pm Jun 15
yAn aNg nAg'paPatonAy na may fOreVer ... aMen
Wawie Angel Chua
Wawie Angel Chua8:59pm Jun 15
Winter Luke Jheric Bayron
Winter Luke Jheric Bayron8:58pm Jun 15
Melvin Vida Leonor
Melvin Vida Leonor8:57pm Jun 15
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John C Pabalate Jr.
John C Pabalate Jr.3:06pm Jun 15
kawawa nman

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