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New messages from Naza and Christina
2015-07-06 10:34:47
To: No Cei Ram Yamba

New messages from Naza and Christina

Received: 2015-07-06 10:34:47
Conversation with Naza Renianz, Mariecon Yamba, Anna Yamba, Janeth Yamba-Solis and Christina Yamba
Naza Renianz
Christina Yamba 10:23pm Jul 5
Y mn wla u ngchat anha cla dha?
Naza Renianz
Christina Yamba 3:15am Jul 6
Skit n akng teeth knaon chocolates, cakes labay lng.hehe. musta mo tnan dha?
Naza Renianz
Christina Yamba 5:35am Jul 6
Tel mama happy birthday. Luv u,mz u ma. Amping dha permi.
Naza Renianz
Christina Yamba 6:00am Jul 6
Rply mo dha plz?
Naza Renianz
Naza Renianz 9:58am Jul 6
soryy wala ko kareply mornyt diri pag chat nimo hehhehe
musta naka te diha
Naza Renianz
Christina Yamba 2:41pm Jul 6
Tel mama dong happy birthday.
Naza Renianz
Naza Renianz 6:04pm Jul 6
oo te ingnon nako mea te

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