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Friend's <3 ♥
2015-05-22 15:56:05
To: Marry Jane Echavia

Friend's <3 ♥

Received: 2015-05-22 15:56:05
Conversation with Resalyn Arguelles, Jhers XD, Josh Russel M Otom, Sofia Aragon, Marry Jane Echavia, Cris Justin Herbania, Cristian Sato Satopecasion, Hannah Mae, GuMihu F Pungjampung and Sophia Sato
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 7:55am May 22
cp gamit mo
Jhers XD
GuMihu F Pungjampung 7:55am May 22
a ok
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 7:55am May 22
c pola bhe ilan araw sya di mag online
mag focus sya sayaw muna
Jhers XD
Sofia Aragon 7:59am May 22
Matagal tagal daw ee
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 7:59am May 22
uo sinabi na ba syo ni pola
Jhers XD
Sofia Aragon 8:00am May 22
Yep ..
Jhers XD
Hannah Mae 8:00am May 22
pacman emoticon
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 8:00am May 22
bhe di pala ako nakapag paalam syo na online nung kahapaon
kaya ni log ko na lang acc mo kahapon
Jhers XD
Sofia Aragon 8:02am May 22
Ahh , Kaya pala ..
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 8:03am May 22
sorry kung di ako nakapagpaalam syo bhe
Jhers XD
Sofia Aragon 8:03am May 22
Nde wala un
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 8:04am May 22
thanks bhe
bhe mew egg naman nag maintenance touch
Jhers XD
Sofia Aragon 8:09am May 22
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 8:25am May 22
tulog kana bhe
wala off na c bhe
cry emoticon
Jhers XD
Jhers XD 8:31am May 22

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