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2015-07-11 05:01:30
To: Prince Ivan Rodriguez


Received: 2015-07-11 05:01:30
Conversation with Mor Tumamak, Jennifer Potoy Gepuit, Necole Dadios, Prince Ivan Rodriguez and Kaye Alexis Amorin Codilla
Mor Tumamak
Mor Tumamak 12:31pm Jul 11
Kita lang permi mahiblin sa chatbox hahaha tugtatug smile emoticon
Mor Tumamak
Kaye Alexis Amorin Codilla 12:31pm Jul 11
Mor Tumamak
Mor Tumamak 12:32pm Jul 11
Naa koy pangutana tubaga be palihug?
Mor Tumamak
Kaye Alexis Amorin Codilla 12:33pm Jul 11
unsa man
Mor Tumamak
Mor Tumamak 12:33pm Jul 11
Frank nga pag ka tubag hu
Mor Tumamak
Kaye Alexis Amorin Codilla 12:34pm Jul 11
Mor Tumamak
Mor Tumamak 12:34pm Jul 11
Bati kog nawung tubaga lang palihug nag post nako hu
Mor Tumamak
Kaye Alexis Amorin Codilla 12:35pm Jul 11
Mor Tumamak
Mor Tumamak 12:36pm Jul 11
Sure woii dle dha tubaga gud ko tarung kaye
Mor Tumamak
Mor Tumamak 12:39pm Jul 11
Dle man ko nimo tubagon og sakto woii

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