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Re: [I confess I'm a Bi male] Pare mahal mo ba ako?
2015-06-01 02:05:48
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Re: [I confess I'm a Bi male] Pare mahal mo ba ako?

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Antonillosabastian Maghari commented on Ryan Tolenaars's photo in I confess I'm a Bi male.
Antonillosabastian Maghari
Antonillosabastian Maghari 10:05am Jun 1
Hayaan nyo na c kuya jm bka may napansin lg sya sa mga napost mu
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Roldan10:02am Jun 1
Baka kasi frustrated na sya mapansin mo.. xD
Ryan Tolenaars
Ryan Tolenaars10:01am Jun 1
Thats the point. I never posted hate on this group.
Antonillosabastian Maghari
Antonillosabastian Maghari10:01am Jun 1
Wag ng mag away kuya tayo lg naman makaka gropo tayo pa nag aaway
Ryan Tolenaars
Ryan Tolenaars9:56am Jun 1
What a really bad way to start my morning. Seeing hate post. Thanks so much jm hernandez you destroyed my day.
Antonillosabastian Maghari
Antonillosabastian Maghari9:52am Jun 1
sa bagay!!!。。。
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Ryan Tolenaars
Ryan Tolenaars7:52am May 15
Pare mahal mo ba ako?

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