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Re: [FLOODLIKERS makes you Peymous XD] sinu ang pinaka astig?
2015-07-01 16:27:44
To: FLOODLIKERS makes you Peymous XD

Re: [FLOODLIKERS makes you Peymous XD] sinu ang pinaka astig?

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Joseph Bucao Bucao commented on Aiffe Ortizano's photo in FLOODLIKERS makes you Peymous XD.
Joseph Bucao Bucao
Joseph Bucao Bucao 12:27am Jul 2
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Rickz Maghanoy Alcazaren
Rickz Maghanoy Alcazaren12:08am Jul 2
high tech yung 4
Angeline Ramos
Angeline Ramos12:06am Jul 2
SG Adrian Rosales Recta
SG Adrian Rosales Recta12:06am Jul 2
Wla talagang makakatalo sa pinas.....
Hahah........ 4444444444444r4
Richardson Vargas
Richardson Vargas11:54pm Jul 1
Jovzkie Patisoy Atchop
Jovzkie Patisoy Atchop11:47pm Jul 1
hahaha mas astig ang 4
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Aiffe Ortizano
Aiffe Ortizano7:29pm Jul 1
sinu ang pinaka astig?

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