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2015-06-19 05:36:08
To: Yan Yan Clamor

New message from JM Lancin

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JM Lancin
JM Lancin 1:05pm Jun 19
Do exactly what your letter says. Please don't be a boring person, just have fun & do it. Don't be shy!! A. Send me a topless picture of you without your face for boys, wear bra for girls B. Write my name in your status.
C. Send me your sexiest picture.
D. Tell me the name of your lover.
E. Tell me your biggest secret.
F. Make me laugh.
G. Send me a funny picture.
H. Tell me how many times you've had sex
I. Ask me out (imo libre ߘ˩
J. Tell me that you love me.
K. Put my picture on your profile. (For an hour)
L. Tell me your bf/gf name.
M. Tell me what you think about me.
N. Tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life.
O. Say "HI" next time you see me.
P. Give me your bf/gf's number
Q. Send me a voice note.
R. Send me your favorite picture
S. Send me your picture
T. Are you a virgin? Yes or No
U. Write that you love me in your status message.
V. Send me a picture of your favorite undies/bra.
W. Tell me your nickname.
X. Send me a picture in your bra and panties for girls and boxer or brief for boys Y. Send me a picture of your family members.
Z. Say I'm the love of your life in a status.

Then make a status like I did. Ajaw pag KJ! Hahahaha

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