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2015-06-27 12:11:01
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Re: [Long Distance Amazing Friendship Idol (LDAFI)] " Search for LDAFI Amazing Bueaty "

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Charlie Magno commented on Lezrine Tiongco's photo in Long Distance Amazing Friendship Idol (LDAFI)
Charlie Magno
Charlie Magno 27 June 20:10
Heartofmine Reyes done wafa
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Bernard Balili
Bernard Balili27 June 20:10
Heartofmine Reyes
Heartofmine Reyes27 June 20:10
Blu Rock Destiny, Chester Lee Cheche, Cecilia Vargar Bercasio, Catherine Ebio, Carmina Pimentel, Charish Lee De Leon, Carl Francisco, Blackpetalz Ni Prinsesa, Cheng Albarico Mendoza, Candelaria Ogatis, Boy Canoy, Cherry May Almosa Lingbaoan, Camille Mitu, Ch Arl, Charlie Magno, Boyet Refamonte Certeza, Cesar Achacoso Pamo, Carlo M David, Charles Mendez, Bonifacio L. Recuerdo, Carlos Racho Ocaña Pls oalike nmn po ako slmt
Heartofmine Reyes
Heartofmine Reyes27 June 20:09
Blu Rock Destiny, Dann Gabriel Dorola, Batang Adhik, Boyet Andres Utanes, Cecilia Vargar Bercasio, Bhèl Ríhanná Ganub, Derickson Bernardino, Cris Encabo, Cristine Abaratigue, Bhogs Esguerra Formentos, Blackpetalz Ni Prinsesa, Chleo Joy Bautista, Bj Cabadin, Benita Tripon, Cheng Albarico Mendoza, Bryan Mendoza, Chrianne Jince Basuel, Bianca Palma, Doreen Claire Bastida Asnayab, Babor Gedorio GeloDine, Boy Canoy, Benj Delos Santos, Buboy Gulifardo Reginaldo, Beth Salvador, Bernard Balili, Benz Alberto, Cory Boncales Mundal, Derrick Blanco Saturno, Aquh Xhii Bobi, Boyet Refamonte Certeza, BhezyGian Cabus Rellores, Bea Bergonia Santos, Dodz Bandosa !!Plsss palike nmn po ako dito plsss!salamat
Alex Cacayuran
Alex Cacayuran27 June 20:08
Alwina Mulawin
Alwina Mulawin27 June 20:08
..done Heartofmine Reyes
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Lezrine Tiongco
Lezrine Tiongco26 June 08:37
" Search for LDAFI Amazing Bueaty "

Entry # 10
CREATOR Xieh Xieh,
ASS BY ADM. Bernadith Maldita Monje, Jessebel Tiongco, Charles Kho Kweng, Jhed Jhed

Entry Start : June 26 ,2015 @ 3 am K.S A time
Entry Ends/Cut off: July 01 2015@ 3am K.S.A time
Mechanics & Rules:
1.) Female
(Ldafi member or non member )
2.) Add your friends to like and support your entry.. (Admins approval)
3.) All accounts are acceptable except foreigners (alliens,itik)
4.)One (1) like , one (1) comment...Contenders & supporters are allowed to mentioned name within the entry...
5.) Contenders must stay and mind their own entry...tagging,auto liking, ,sharing,swapping are not allowed.
6.) Admins assigned per entry must assist in updating the #of likes & observed the flow of comments within the entry ...(can push the entry up,but cannot mention or help any support )
7.)Avoid bad words comments, fighting or any argumentation within your entry.. Only English & Tagalog language need to used.
8.)Show Respect to each other as well as to the LDafi administration..
9.) Any problems regarding the entry please feel free to ask or message any of the ldafi admins..
10.) Any contenders that will not follow the rules will be given a disciplinary action..
a.) Warning
b.) Disqualification
11.)The highest # of likes plus the comments will be declared as winner..
12.) Some special awards will be given based on your attire & performance within your respective entries to be judge by the admins...
13.) Enjoy the Game..Play fairly and maintain Peace ...

Cash prizes
1st prize- 1500php sponsored by admin Dan pards
2nd prize- 1000php sponsored by ldafi admins
3rd prize- 500php anonymous sponsor
Consolation load prizes 100 php load
Sponsored by Ldafi family

Thank u for joining & Good luck....
God bless us all... ♥ ♥ ♥

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