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Re: [NETIZENS' COALITION AGAINST BINAY!!!] Why is this priest a Pro-Binay?
2015-07-13 10:29:51

Re: [NETIZENS' COALITION AGAINST BINAY!!!] Why is this priest a Pro-Binay?

Received: 2015-07-13 10:29:51
Si Reyes Rey ay nagkomento sa paskil na ay nagkomento sa post ni Jay Navarro General sa NETIZENS' COALITION AGAINST BINAY!!!
Reyes Rey
Reyes Rey 13 July 18:29
magkano binayad sa iyo ni binay.
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Mark Cardoniga Flores
Mark Cardoniga Flores13 July 18:19
relax everyone ...father is there to keep the balance between good and evil , pag may bida di pwede mawala ang kontrabida! hay naku father anak ka ng father mo!
Abraham Yap
Abraham Yap13 July 18:18
Not all, but most of the priest are corrupt! Wala din pinag iba sa politiko... Damn you father!!!!
Be Tulang
Be Tulang13 July 18:15
San Sutsutuwi
San Sutsutuwi13 July 18:14
Alam mo ranhilio callangan, ang dapat name mo FAFA HILO KULUNGAN. Eh ano naman kung di ka mag ride ,sa statement mo gusto mong mag pa imbita eh. Gusto mo lang magpa pansin. Isa ka pang BOBO at HYPOCRITE. Di ka naman pulitiko ah. Asikasuhin mo yang trabaho mo. Alam mo sa pagsuot mo lang ng ABITO mukha kang santo,but deep inside you,marami kang kasalanan,kaya wag kang EPAL....
Jay Navarro General
Jay Navarro General13 July 17:52
Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, dean of the Graduate School of Law of San Beda College, described as “patently lame” Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s legal position that the TRO issued by the Supreme Court, which would have allowed Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband to leave the country, was not as yet final, hence, cannot be enforced. (Inquirer, 11/17/11) He also said De Lima’s strong opposition to the implementation of the TRO was “extremely shameful for a lawyer.”
Father Aquino is not a member of the Philippine Bar, hence, he is a non-lawyer from the country’s point of view. Either he did not finish law school or he flunked or was afraid to take the bar examination. Being a non-lawyer, he has no right at all to give his opinion on constitutional and purely legal issues. His purported legal opinion carries no weight and, at best, is a political propaganda for Arroyo. As a Bedan lawyer, I am extremely surprised how and why Father Aquino, a non-lawyer, ever became the dean of the San Beda Graduate School of Law. It does not augur well for San Beda’s reputation as one of the prime law schools in the country.
It would be a pleasure to debate with Father Aquino on constitutional and purely legal issues, or even face him as an adversary counsel in a trial before a court of law which has authority to resolve the issues. Unfortunately, this cannot happen because Father Aquino is not a lawyer.
So, Father Aquino, please shut up. Your adventurism on purely legal issues does not matter anyway to the Philippine Bar.

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Jay Navarro General
Jay Navarro General13 July 12:11
Why is this priest a Pro-Binay?
Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan

These are my reasons:

1. Senate is wasting legislativ...

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