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tropang tipay Xd
2015-05-12 08:07:47
To: Jhanine Ortega

tropang tipay Xd

Received: 2015-05-12 08:07:47
Conversation with Zenji S. Jordan, Chekesarah Selerio Cabalquinto, Edmar Enriquez, Aren L Ceñido, Arr S. Arran, Merchant Cuare, Aldmarie Villavelez, Jhanine Ortega, Grace Galimba, Jan Wall Fajardo Pepito, Allan Payat BadLungon, Airene Pongase, Rick Raven, Dimple Ken Fajardo I, Airene Pongase and Ijnez Jordan
Grace Galimba
Rick Raven 3:27pm May 12
op sa inyo. . ang sweet nyo tinalo nyo pa asukal
Grace Galimba
Edmar Enriquez 3:27pm May 12
Hahah,,, Bk..nmn... nabored na haha
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 3:28pm May 12
wahaha Ee kacii takEn nha cii jhanine Ee .. hahaha
Grace Galimba
Rick Raven 3:28pm May 12
boto ako sana mag katotoo. haha
Grace Galimba
Edmar Enriquez 3:29pm May 12
Hahaha .. mtgl pa eleksyon
Grace Galimba
Rick Raven 3:30pm May 12
di yun ungas ka talaga kosa. haha
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 3:30pm May 12
wahaha . akO fOr presidenT .. hahaha
Grace Galimba
Rick Raven 3:31pm May 12
manager ka puso ni edmar
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 3:31pm May 12
wew . hahaha
Grace Galimba
Edmar Enriquez 3:32pm May 12
Grace Galimba
Aren L Ceñido 3:32pm May 12
Grace Galimba
Edmar Enriquez 3:35pm May 12
Asan... Kn.. Bhaby.... qoh
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 3:35pm May 12
precnT bhaBy hahaha
Grace Galimba
Edmar Enriquez 3:37pm May 12
Bhaby malolowbat na ko...e,,,
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 3:38pm May 12
ikaw ?? bhaBy wahaha
Grace Galimba
Edmar Enriquez 3:40pm May 12
Wahaha.. Hinde.. ako mali.. cp ko pl bhaby....
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 3:41pm May 12
haha Geh . charGe mO munha .. bhaBy
Grace Galimba
Edmar Enriquez 3:43pm May 12
Haha.. d p nmn konti pa kya p nmn...Bhaby..
Ghue na nga charge nko bhbay.. Bye.. Mamimiskita...
Grace Galimba
Grace Galimba 3:46pm May 12
haha cGe . bhaBy

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