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Re: [NO WAY, NEVER, BINAY !!!] Vote na, vote NO!
2015-07-01 06:56:57

Re: [NO WAY, NEVER, BINAY !!!] Vote na, vote NO!

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Ma Elena Santos commented on Homer Lee's post in NO WAY, NEVER, BINAY !!!
Ma Elena Santos
Ma Elena Santos 1 July 14:56
Katapusan na ni junjun
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Felino Capacio Jr.
Felino Capacio Jr.1 July 13:22
Paalisin n yan. Kasama si tonting.
Pete Caldito
Pete Caldito1 July 13:19
Wenly Bautista
Wenly Bautista1 July 11:18
Tunying isip isip naman sa mga tanung mo, nakakainsulto na kc sa mga tao. Siempre common sense na lang ang magsasabi na alam niya ang mali at tama being a local elected official.
Wenceslao Percil Garcia
Wenceslao Percil Garcia1 July 10:58
Sa Ombudsman kasohan na yang mga yan Plunder para walang pyansa
Edward Spyke Perez
Edward Spyke Perez1 July 10:55
Edward Spyke Perez What this simply means is we do not bow to people we chose to serve us for they are not the power, WE ARE! Once again, my pride and my admiration go to the people of Makati who stood their ground to defend one of their own whom they perceive to be a victim of a politicians demolition job. i can't say the same though for the KU KLUX KLAN poster boy mayor whose battle strategy against the monsters they created was to call on to his constituents to form a HUMAN BARRIER around city hall so he can stay in power. Putting the public that trusted you whose trust you betrayed in HARM's way just so you could continue your stretch for 2016 is undoubtedly one huge act of cowardice, let alone desperation and insanity. Personally, mr makati mayor, i think and believe that you are a FUCKING IDIOT. why don't you man up, you gutless bastards, send the people home.They will leave so long as you tell 'em that you finally grew a pair and would like to take on the ombudsman in their game. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
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Homer Lee
Homer Lee30 June 06:52
Vote na, vote NO!
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