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Re: [JADINE VS KATHNIEL (WARZONE)] Let's welcome Retokada Queen and King 󾌳󾌳󾌳
2015-06-28 10:56:30

Re: [JADINE VS KATHNIEL (WARZONE)] Let's welcome Retokada Queen and King 󾌳󾌳󾌳

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Gely Mae Caganda commented on Russell Ivan Moldero's photo in JADINE VS KATHNIEL (WARZONE).
Gely Mae Caganda
Gely Mae Caganda 6:56pm Jun 28
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Miles Gonzales
Miles Gonzales6:56pm Jun 28
totoo yun
Marie Julianne
Marie Julianne6:55pm Jun 28
Katangian niyo tanga
Miles Gonzales
Miles Gonzales6:55pm Jun 28
ndi muka kang ipis
Christine Bumanglag
Christine Bumanglag6:55pm Jun 28
oo nga ako mukang maganda ikaw mukang shokoy
Stacy Guevarra
Stacy Guevarra6:55pm Jun 28
Etong si marie puro katangian ng KNF ang pinagsasabe
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Russell Ivan Moldero
Russell Ivan Moldero12:14am Jun 28
Let's welcome Retokada Queen and King 󾌳󾌳󾌳
Hahaha di dapat Teen King and Queen itawag sa Kanila eh!!
Mas bagay sa kanila ung #RetokeQueenAndKing󾮗󾮗󾮗
Hahaha cge sabihin neo nanaman edited yan !!!!!
Clap clap clap JdF!!! 󾌳

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