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Re: [Anime World] Who's excited???
2015-06-24 07:18:27
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Re: [Anime World] Who's excited???

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Calla Lee Ortega commented on her photo in Anime World.
Calla Lee Ortega
Calla Lee Ortega 7:18pm Jun 24
Haha... the one written i Japanese or the one written in Filipino? Well neither are wrong.. my sincere apology. Anne Louise Andersen
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Anne Louise Andersen
Anne Louise Andersen7:15pm Jun 24
It's okay. Just... So Many People break the rules. It annoys me ;)
Salahudden Taurac
Salahudden Taurac7:09pm Jun 24
how interesting
Calla Lee Ortega
Calla Lee Ortega6:32pm Jun 24
Anne Louise Andersen sorry....
Gaz Shimada
Gaz Shimada6:25pm Jun 24
Trường Thịnh
Trường Thịnh6:13pm Jun 24
August 1st 2015 will be on the theater in my country.
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Calla Lee Ortega
Calla Lee Ortega12:55pm Jun 24
Who's excited???

Saan ang movie placw natin mga taga Manila?

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