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Re: [BESTLIKERS Profile_Pic & Improve FOLLOWERS] Give me the answer
2015-06-23 07:14:10
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Re: [BESTLIKERS Profile_Pic & Improve FOLLOWERS] Give me the answer

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GE RA LD commented on Ivy Wafaa Qoo's photo in BESTLIKERS Profile_Pic & Improve FOLLOWERS.
GE RA LD 3:13pm Jun 23
aLa nMan nA X iS eQuAl tO 0 eHhh.. lAhat ng X iS eQuaL 2 1 .. hNdi zErO ...
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Joannakris Zulueta
Joannakris Zulueta3:13pm Jun 23
.kht anung gwin q solve 0 p rn:-)
Cristy Mande Endrico
Cristy Mande Endrico3:13pm Jun 23
Lyka ignacio di po nagpapakatalino kng tlga nmng alam mo ung sagot:)wlang matalino, lalong walang bobo
Krish EksDii
Krish EksDii3:13pm Jun 23
Weee Kirk Russel E. Francisa
Jayson Teves Gaite
Jayson Teves Gaite3:13pm Jun 23
John Carlo de Leon pano mo nasabe!
John Carlo de Leon
John Carlo de Leon3:12pm Jun 23
your solution is wrong Jayson
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Ivy Wafaa Qoo
Ivy Wafaa Qoo7:47am Jun 23
Give me the answer
Tamang sgot fl ko

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