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Re: [Basta Visaya Gwapo Gwapa:))))] nawala na virginity ni ate -_-
2015-05-05 05:42:10
To: Basta Visaya Gwapo Gwapa:))))

Re: [Basta Visaya Gwapo Gwapa:))))] nawala na virginity ni ate -_-

Received: 2015-05-05 05:42:10
Trescia Lonqueno Entor commented on Mary-jane Ardimer Armenio Sardan's photo in Basta Visaya Gwapo Gwapa:)))).
Trescia Lonqueno Entor
Trescia Lonqueno Entor 10:41pm May 4
virgen ka pa ba ate parang dina haha
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Eugene Caliao
Eugene Caliao10:41pm May 4
sgdi lng skt rna s una pero pgdugayn na dli n na skt.
Roselyn Olido
Roselyn Olido10:40pm May 4
Gmrc nman guizz ' e mind niu na lng yan' jejeje
Gerlie Morada Florano
Gerlie Morada Florano10:40pm May 4
ek.2x mo
Jason Tuyac
Jason Tuyac10:36pm May 4
lulo vergin
Christopher Rosauro Pals Palermo
Christopher Rosauro Pals Palermo10:35pm May 4
i like virgin hehehe...?
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Mary-jane Ardimer Armenio Sardan
Mary-jane Ardimer Armenio Sardan5:49pm May 4
nawala na virginity ni ate -_-


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