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2015-06-21 11:30:07
To: Lemuel Onato

*LeadiAnZ C0nveRsati0nS*

Received: 2015-06-21 11:30:07
Conversation with LJ Artuz, Michael Paolo Villarna, Harold Tumabiao, Katherine Torres Giner, Vince Villaron, Jennyvev Legaspi Katipunan, Novy Krystel Galagate, Hermenio Katipunan, Lemuel Onato, Pershlyn Daned, Dena Gardose Gimeno and Dena Gimeno
Lady Jayne Artuz
Lady Jayne Artuz 6:59pm Jun 21
may mga kilala kmo nga taga .aklan, anteque,negros,kg taga masbate? plss inform nyo ko..

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