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Mapeh Lantern Group 3 󾮖󾮖󾮖
2015-07-31 11:46:09
To: Al-khafiz Amilhusin

Mapeh Lantern Group 3 󾮖󾮖󾮖

Received: 2015-07-31 11:46:09
Conversation with Allen Keith StraÜss, Danna Lei, Rizzah Gwen Godinez, Dodee Abidin, Jose Paul Elli, Rushuduh Mahari and Al-khafiz Amilhusin
Rushuduh Mahari
Danna Lei 6:55pm Jul 31
Akn dn hindi ko alam
Rushuduh Mahari
Rizzah Gwen Godinez 7:15pm Jul 31
guys materials uhh
Rushuduh Mahari
Allen Keith StraÜss 7:21pm Jul 31
magdala nalang talaga ng extra money bukas para maka bili tayo.
Rushuduh Mahari
Rizzah Gwen Godinez 7:24pm Jul 31
Rushuduh Mahari
Rushuduh Mahari 7:25pm Jul 31
Saan mag go kanda elli

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